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Disney Dreamlight Valley: What to Feed Raccoon



Disney Dreamlight Valley: What to Feed Raccoon

There are a lot of Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley and feeding them will give you Dreamlight Points that are necessary to unlock new areas around the valley and in the Dream Castle. One of the animals that you’ll find later in the game is Raccoon and since, every animal has a different favorite food it is hard to find what the Raccoon likes the most.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what to feed Raccoon in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Feeding Raccoon

Raccoons are found in the Forest of Valor area and this area can be unlocked with 3,000 Dreamlight points. Just like other critters they like to run before you actually get to approach them. When you see a Raccoon, you’ll have to follow him until they stop and then you’ll be able to approach them and offer food.

One of the main fruits that you find in the Forest of Valor is Blueberries and Raccoons like Blueberries so, when you approach them, offer Blueberries to them. Sometimes it hard to approach them because they have more stamina and they run for a long time before you get to approach them. You’ll only get the Approach option when they stop and if you are slow, the approach option will be gone and they’ll start running again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What to Feed Raccoon

If you see them running back when you get to them try to run in the back direction before them and whenever they stop, you’ll be able to approach them on time and then you can offer them blueberries.

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