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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find a Mask



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find a Mask

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update is now live and there is a lot of new content in the game that players are enjoying. The new Halloween quests are also added and they are a bit different than the regular Dreamlight Duties. For one of the Halloween quests, you need to get a mask.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Mask in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Finding a Mask

The Halloween Quest named “Villainy Wears Many Masks” requires you to wear 1 Mask to complete the quest. You might think that Mask is just a clothing item and it will be available for you to buy but actually it is difficult to find the Mask in Scrooge McDuck’s Store. The items that are on display are totally random and different for each player. You might find a mask on some Mannequin but masks have a high price that can be tens of thousands of Star Gold. But if you have money and you do find a mask in the store then you can buy it and equip it to complete the Halloween Quest and get the reward.

There is also another cheap way to get a guaranteed Mask. With the new update, there is also a new event called “Villain Star Path” added. Open the menu and go to the event. If you go to the rewards section, you’ll see a Mask in the third tier of the rewards which you can buy with the Star Path Points. The Star Path Points are earned by completing the Duties in the Star Path Event. These duties are normal jobs that you do on daily basis in the game. You can complete these duties to earn points and buy rewards with the points.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find a Mask

There are three duties for the non-premium Star Path players and six duties for the premium Star Path players. You can complete these duties during the day and the duties will change after 24 hours. Three duties will give you up to 50 Star Path Points and six duties will give you 100 Star path Points. Now, the mask that we want is on the third tier and we have only the first tier unlocked. What you need to do is buy any three items from the first tier and you’ll unlock the second-tier rewards. Now, complete the next duties and earn 50 Star Path Points. Buy three more rewards from the second tier to unlock the third-tier rewards.

When you unlocked the rewards, you’ll see that the mask is only for 10 Star Path points and you can earn 10 points by completing a single duty. Complete any duty and then claim the reward. Once you’ve got the mask, open your wardrobe and select the Mask category to show the mask. Equip it to complete the quest and then you’ll be able to claim the reward. The reward will be put into your inventory or your Furniture.

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