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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find & Catch Shad



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Shad

A Rift in Time expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a new world beside Dreamlight Valley that players will get to discover and explore. This new world, Eternity Isle has three biomes each containing 4 separate areas offering unique crafting materials, ingredients, gems, and fish for players to get and add to the collection. One of the common Fish that players can find in Eternity Isle is the Shad.

In this guide, we’ll go over where to find and catch Shad in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find & Catch Shad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Shad is exclusive to the A Rift in Time expansion therefore, only the players who own the expansion will be able to find and get the Shad to add it to their fish collection. Players can find the Shad in The Docks and the Overlook areas of the Ancient’s Landing biome. It is the first biome of Eternity Isle that players will get to reach at the start of the expansion.

The Ancient’s Landing biome is located on the south side of Eternity Isle and once players have reached this biome, they will be able to fish in the water around the Docks area to catch Shad or unlock the Overlook area on the southeast side which will cost 6,000 Mist. Both of the areas have decent fishing spots in which players will find various fish but Shad can only be found in the White Ripples (Fishing Spots).

The White Ripples are common and spawn more often than the other ripples. Upon finding a White Ripple has appeared in the water, equip the Royal Fishing Rod, and cast the line inside the ripple to start catching Shad.

Upon completing the fishing mini-game, players will catch Shad which can be eaten to restore 300 Energy, used as an ingredient to cook food recipes, or sold at the Goofy’s Stall for 60 Star Coins.

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