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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Where to Find Lioness Statues



Unlock Nala

The Lioness Statues are one of the Key Items for the Friendship Quest of Nala. Once players have unlocked Nala, they will be able to level up their friendship with Nala by completing quests and giving gifts. Once they have reached Level 4 Friendship with Nala, they will unlock a new quest named “Fishy Business”. You will have to gather different Lioness Statues for Nala and give them to Ursula to complete the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find the Lioness Statues in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All Lioness Statues

There are three different types of Lioness Statues that players will have to find during the “Fishy Business” quest. Keep in mind that you will not be able to find the Lioness Statues without starting the quest. You will only find them during the quest. So, make sure that you have unlocked the quest by completing the requirements. The three Lioness Statues that you need to get are the following.

  • Blue Lioness Statue
  • Orange Lioness Statue
  • Purple Lioness Statue
All Lioness Statues

Blue Lioness Statue

The Blue Lioness Statue can be found in the Dazzle Beach Biome. Make your way to the Dazzle Beach biome and go to the small island near the beach. You need to look for the shining ground so, you can dig the ground to get the statue. When you find the shining ground, use your Royal Shovel to dig the ground and you will get the Blue Lioness Statue.

There will also be a glowing purple light in the water. It will be a “Mystical Rift” and it will help you find the rest of the two statues.

Orange Lioness Statue

The Orange Lioness Statue can be found in the Glade of Trust biome. Go to the Glade of Trust and walk along the river until you see the same “Mystical Rift”. After finding the mystical rift, look around on the ground near the mystical area to find the shining ground. Once you have found the shining ground, use the Royal Shovel to dig the ground to get the Orange Lioness Statue.

Purple Lioness Statue

The Purple Lioness Statue can be found in the Frosted Heights biome. Go to the Frosted Heights and look for the Mystical Rift in the ponds or river. Once you have found the mystical rift, start looking for the shining ground. After finding the shining ground, just use the Royal Shovel to dig the spot and you will get the last Lioness Statue.

Now, you will be able to give all of the Lioness Statues to Ursula as a requirement of the quest. Make sure that all of the statues are in your inventory in order to give them to her.

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