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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Get Tomato Seeds



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Get Tomato Seeds

There are a lot of different seeds in this game and seeds are essential for farming without seeds, you cannot grow any crops in your garden. One of the early seeds that you have to get in the game is a Tomato Seed.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can get tomato Seeds from in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Tomato Seed

After unlocking the Dazzle Beach, the first new area around the village, you’ll get a quest from Merlin named “With Great Power…” in which we’ll have to restore the curse on Sea Witch named Ursula. In the quest, you’ll go to a Mystical Cave in which you have to open a Magic door that requires a Tomato Seed.

You can’t find Tomato Seeds on the beach but you’d be able to get them by doing activities like removing Night Thorns and breaking Rocks etc. but it would take a lot of time to find a Tomato Seed. There is an easy way to get the Tomato Seed on Dazzle Beach. If you go towards the south side of the beach, you’ll see a Goofy Stall but you’d have to build it first just like you did in the Peaceful Meadows area. Build the Stall for 1,000 Coins and Goofy will start selling you Sugarcane Seeds and Sugarcane.

You’ll need to upgrade the stall to level 2 for 2,000 Coins and Goofy will sell you Tomato Seeds and Bananas. You’ll be able to get a Tomato Seed for 8 Coins at the Goofy Stall and if you want to start a farm with Tomatoes then you’d have to buy the seeds from Goofy and then plant the seeds in your garden to start your farm.

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