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Do not buy a GoFest ticket. – A GoFest gameplay review



Pokemon Go players spent nearly $9 Million on Saturday

I, like many other people came in to GoFest 2020 with high expectations. Maybe collect a few shinies, pick up some candy for some meta relevant pokemon. Maybe see a few new pokemon. Unfortunately for me, GoFest failed to deliver on every expectation.

Shiny Rate:

  • The day started off promising; catching my first shiny (Chansey) at about 10:10, which held me in high spirits. However, my hopes were dashed as hour after hour passed with no further shinies. Morale was drained among most of the other players around me also, with many players still shiny-less after 3 hours of play. It would be 9.5 hours of constant play before I saw my second shiny pokemon. (Skarmory)
  • Ultimately I caught 2 shinies from 832 catches. Many more were shiny checked.


  • Gameplay was very basic and limited. There was only one special research task which completed itself through normal gameplay and did not require any effort. There were no special field research tasks. This meant that the only difference between normal gameplay and GoFest was that we had rotating spawn pools and small bonuses.
  • Most pokemon had been featured in events previously or were normal non-event spawns. Even the featured prize pokemon as part of the special research task were pokemon which were spawning in the wild in 2016.
  • The only desirable pokemon which hadn’t been previously featured in an event was Gible, of which across the ten hours of gameplay only spawned 7 times and with another 2 from raids. For me, GoFest felt like regular non-event gameplay.

I’m sure some people will disagree with my views, but for me, this was most certainly not worth the cost of entry, nor was the gameplay any more interesting or novel than regular gameplay. Nor did it justify spending 10 hours of my day where a 3 hour community day provides much more exciting and novel gameplay.


I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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