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Tips for those who have not started GoFest



Pokemon Go players spent nearly $9 Million on Saturday

Finished the event in my country, tips i can give to those who have not started.

  • Only open gifts AFTER the global challenges is completed, opening gifts before will not give you any rare candy. So try to send out gifts first and collect after the goal is reached.
  • If you are low on lucky eggs, star pieces or pinaps, wait for the global tasks to be complete before using them. Water hour has x3 stardust, grass hour has x3 xp and fire hour has x2 candy.
  • For the raid global task, it’s not really worth waiting for the global task to be completed for the x3 raid XP and stardust as it takes a bit longer to complete, people rather spam catch than do raids I assume. But if you have patience, the global goal usually finishes, just gauge whether it’s worth waiting for from the first 20-30min, how close/far is it from completing.
  • If you are patient enough, save rotom photobombs for fire hour when x2 candy unlocks.
  • Use incense all the way if possible, from 10hours, i got myself 18 shines, but its mostly rng at play.
  • As tempting as it sounds, try not to open ALL your gifts during the first friendship hour, if you are planning to play the full event, there is a 2nd friendship hour so take these timeslots as refueling areas, accept enough gift to fill up your bag with sufficient balls for the next 4hrs then open the rest during the 2nd friendship hour, if you open all during the first hour, you might not have enough gifts to restock balls afterward.
  • Oh yeah, dont make the mistake I made and collect the 200 great balls at the start, it will overflow your bag most likely and you won’t be able to spin stops for alwhile. Just keep it uncollected till you have more than 200 bag space open, this way you can play and spin stops, letting you last longer before running out of balls.

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