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DREDGE – How to Catch Fish




DREDGE is a single-player fishing game with a spooky twist in the main story that players will get to unveil as they play the game. As it is a fishing game, a lot of your earnings will be based on fishing. You can sell the fish for money to upgrade items and get useful items for your ship.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Fish in DREDGE.

Find the Fishing Spot

Players will be able to catch the fish only at the Fishing Spots in the ocean. There are over 100 species of fish in DREDGE and you can find all of them at their specific Fishing Spots. These Fishing Spots are spread all over the map and you can find them near the town as well as far from the town. You will not be needing any Fishing Rod or Baits because you will already have them in your inventory. You just have to look for the Fishing Spot and then go there to start fishing.

Fishing Spot

The Fishing Spots are very easy to find. You will have to look for the bubbles in the ocean to know that it is a Fishing Spot. If you are fishing in daylight then you will see a whole group of certain fish swimming under the bubbles. If you are out in the night time then you will have to use the light of the ship to see the bubbles.

Catching the Fish

Once you have found the Fishing Spot, you need to press the A Button to go into fishing mode. When you are in the fishing mode, you need to press the X Button to start the fishing and it will start a mini-game. You will see a circle with a number of bars around the fish specie you are fishing. You need to press the X Button when the line reaches every single bar in one complete circle.

Catching the FIsh

By successfully pressing the X Button on each bar, you will catch the fish and your Cargo inventory will open in which you place the fish. There is limited space on Cargo and you will only be able to store a number of fish. You can make space by either selling the fish or discarding them into the ocean.

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