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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Defeat the Two Giants



Two Giants

If you are playing Chapter 11 of a certain video game and facing the challenge of defeating the Two Giants near the Storeroom, this guide will provide you with tips on how to do it.

Defeat Normal Giant

First, focus on the normal Giant and shoot its head or feet with a Shotgun or Pistol until a Parasite emerges from its back. Then, deal more damage by throwing a grenade or shooting bullets until the Giant falls on its feet. Use a Knife on the Parasite to deal significant damage, and keep shooting until it falls for good.

Normal Giant

Defeat Armored Giant

While fighting the normal Giant, keep your distance from the Armored Giant. Once the normal Giant is defeated, use Grenades on the Armored Giant to deal damage. If you don’t have grenades, wait for Luis to bring a pack of TNT, and lure the Giant to Luis to defeat it.

Armored Giant

Luis will attach the TNT to the giant’s back, and you’ll need to shoot it when the giant is in the middle of the arena. This will cause the giant to fall, and you can use the console to open the metal hatch in the middle of the arena. If the giant is in the middle, it’ll fall into lava and the fight will end. If not, lure it to the middle and use the console to defeat it. That’s how to defeat the two giants in this chapter!

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