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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Solve the Clock Puzzle, Grandfather Clock Time



Grandfather Clock Puzzle

As players progress through the game and reach the Grand Hall after solving the Courtyard Puzzle, they will get to solve the Headless Statue Puzzle. After solving the Headless Statue Puzzle, Leon and Ashley will get separated again and players will get to play as Ashley. As players go ahead on the path, they will get to a side area of the Library in which they will find the Grandfather Clock. In order to solve the puzzle, players will have to put the correct time on the Clock.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Clock Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Solving Clock Puzzle

The Clock Puzzle is dependent on the difficulty of the game. If you are playing on the Assisted or Standard difficulty, the correct time for the Grandfather Clock will be different and if you are playing on Hardcore or Professional difficulty, the correct time for the Grandfather Clock will be different. The correct time for both of the difficulty dependencies is the following.



Correct Clock Time

Now, you can enter the correct time according to your difficulty straight away to open the secret door behind the Grandfather Clock. It will skip the original puzzle part altogether which is linked to the main Library. If you want to do it in an original way then keep reading the guide.

To find the correct time for the Grandfather Clock, go to the door on the left to reach the Library and make your way to the end of the library. You will have to place the Lantern on one of the holders to open the path from which you will be able to get to a higher floor of the library. From there, you will find a “Bunch of Keys”. Now, make your way down and go to the front of the library and activate the Elevator by selecting the Third Key on the Ring of Keys.

Bunch of Keys

Now, go up the elevator to reach a room with another Grandfather Clock. Behind the Clock, there will be a table in the corner on which you will find the “Hastily Written Code”. On that note, you will find the correct time written on it. Now, enter the time on the Grandfather Clock in the room and then make your way down to the first Grandfather Clock that you saw earlier and put the same time in that clock.

Hastily Written Note

By doing this, you will complete the puzzle in an original way without skipping anything.

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