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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Solve Headless Statue Puzzle



Headless Statue Puzzle

The Headless Statue Puzzle is one of the main puzzles in the game that players will have to solve in order to progress ahead in the game. The Headless Statue is on the first floor of the Grand Hall and players will reach the Grand Hall after solving the Courtyard Maze Puzzle. The Headless Statue requires three different animal heads and players will have to find these heads inside different rooms in the Grand Hall and then place them on the Statue to solve the puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Headless Statue Puzzle in Grand Hall in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Solving Headless Statue Puzzle

In order to solve the Puzzle, players will have to find the heads of the following Animals.

  1. Serpent
  2. Lion
  3. Goat

The Serpent Head can be found in the Dining Hall which is on the left side of the Headless Statue. The Lion Head can be found in the Armory which is on the second floor of the Grand Hall. The Goat Head can be found in the Gallery which is also on the second floor of the Grand Hall.

Getting Serpent Head

The Serpent Head requires the Dining Hall puzzle to be solved. We have made a guide on the Dining Hall puzzle that you can check out to know how to get the Serpent Head.

Serpent Head

Getting Lion Head

Go to the second floor from the right side and go through the last door to reach the Armory. You will reach a ledge from where you have to jump down. Go down and you will see the lion statue. Interact with it to get the Lion Head. The Knights will come to life and you will have to defeat them by shooting at the parasite coming out of their Armor.

Lion Head

Ashley will also help you by throwing the Lanterns. The Lanterns will slow them down and you will be able to kill them easily. After defeating the Knights, help Ashley get down and you will get to open the door together from which you can make your way back to the Grand Hall.

Getting Goat Head

The Goat Head is in the Gallery and you can get there by going to the second floor from the left side and opening the first door. Make your way to the gallery and you will see a bridge leading towards a statue in front. As you go ahead on the bridge, the enemies will lower the bridge. You will have to fight the enemies and make your way up to the lever to rise the bridge again.

However, the enemies will keep coming unless you kill the Red Hood enemy with the Crimson Lantern. He will take quite some firepower to go down but if you have a couple of grenades then throw them at the Balcony to kill him. After that, clear the rest of the enemies in the Gallery and then make your way up the ladder. Go to the lever and interact with it to rise the bridge again.

Go back down the ladder and go up the staircase to get on the bridge. Go ahead to the Statue and get the Goat head. When you are about to go back, you will have to kill a couple of more enemies and after that, you can get back to the Grand Hall.

Goat Head

After obtaining all the Animal Heads, go to the Headless Statue and place all of the Statues one by one to complete the puzzle.

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