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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get the Cubic Device and Unlock Square Lock Boxes



Square lock Boxes

As players reached Chapter 7, they will get to the Castle and they will start seeing the locked treasure boxes named “Square Lock Boxes”. There is one in the southwest of the Audience Chamber. Players will not be able to unlock it until they have the required key item for it. The required Key Item to unlock the Square Lock Boxes is a “Cubic Device” which players can find later in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Cubic Device and Unlock Square Lock Boxes in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to Get the Cubic Device

The Cubic Device Key Item can be found in Chapter 9. Players will not be able to find it earlier than Chapter 9 so, they will have to make progress in the game and solve the Courtyard Maze puzzle to make their way into the Grand Hall. Once they have made their way into the Grand Hall, they will be able to find the Cubic Device inside the chest located between the Armory and Grand Hall.

In order to get to the Chest, players will have to go to the Armory room on the second floor of the Grand Hall. Once there, they will have to get the Lion Head for Headless Statue Puzzle and then clear the area from the Mutated Knights. After that, open the door with Ashley and go along the path and you will see a chest. Open the chest to get the Cubic Device. Go ahead on the path to come out in the Grand Hall.

Cubic Device

How to Unlock Square Lock Boxes

The Square Lock Boxes are spread across the Castle and players will be able to unlock the Square Lock Boxes with the Cubic Device in Chapters 9 & 10. There are 5 Square Lock Boxes spread over different areas around the Castle. In order to unlock Square Lock Boxes, follow the following steps.

  • Get the Cubic Device.
  • Make your way to the Square Lock Box and interact with it.
  • Select the Cubic Device and rotate the Cubic Device according to the grooves on the lock and match it with the Cubic Device.
  • After matching the edges, confirm the position of the Cubic Device and it will open the Square Lock Box.
Unlocking Square lock Box

If the position is incorrect, the cubic device will not fit in the square so, try again in another position to unlock the square lock box. After opening the Square Lock Box, you will obtain a treasure that can be sold to the Merchant for money.

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