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DREDGE – How to Get the Haste Ability



Haste Ability

DREDGE has a number of different abilities that can help you in different scenarios of the game. Players will unlock the abilities as they progress ahead in the game. Initially, you will have three abilities that you can use but as you progress ahead by resolving pursuits, you will unlock new abilities and one of the most useful abilities that you can unlock in the early hour of the game is Haste Ability.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Haste Ability.

Getting Haste Ability

In order to get the Haste Ability, you will have to complete the Pursuit of the “Collector” NPC. He will ask you to find the Relic of old ships in the water. You will have to search around in the water on the world map to look for the shipwrecks to get the Relics. However, you need only one Relic in order to unlock the Haste Ability and that is Ornate Key.

Now, to get the Haste Ability, follow the following steps.

  • Find the Ornate Key.
  • Make your way to the Blackstone Isle.
  • Talk with Collector.

By talking to Collector, he will take the Ornate Key from you and will tell you that the rest of the Relics pieces can be found in the Gale Cliffs which is in the South-East direction. He will grant you power from the book he’s holding and you will unlock the Haste Ability.

Getting Haste Ability

The Haste Ability adds speed to your Engines which means your boat’s speed will be increased but it also raises the Panic of your character and it also affects the engine heat. If you use Haste more than the limit, your engine will get heated and you will have to repair the engine in order to fix your boat.

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