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DREDGE – Where to Find the Ornate Key



Ornate Key

The Ornate Key is one of the Relics that players will have to find for the “Collector” NPC. Once you have obtained the Dredge Crane from the Collector, you will have to find different Relics spread on the world map. One of the very first Relic that can be found near the starting region of the game is Ornate Key.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find the Ornate Key in DREDGE.

Finding the Ornate Key

The Relics can only be found on the Ship Wrecks in the water but not all ship wrecks contain Relics, some of them will give you treasures that you can sell to the Trader. When you find a relic, the game will tell you that Relic is Found. Another way to look for the Relics is to look for unique particles coming out of the bubbles. Whenever you see unusual particles coming out of bubble spots, it means its either a rare fish or a relic.

Now, to find the Ornate Key, you need to go to the back of the Small Islands of Greater Marrow Town. There are a couple of islands on the back and if you go there, you will see a ship wreck in the water. That Ship Wreck will have unusual particles coming out of it as well. So, you need to go there and pull out the Ornate Key by using the Dredge Crane.

Ornate Key Location

You can also ask the NPCs on the islands if they have seen any ship wreck nearby. If you ask the Mayor, he will tell you about the ship wreck on the back of the Greater Marrow town. So, when you have found the relic, you can give it to the Collector to proceed in his pursuit.

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