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DREDGE – How to Reduce Panic




DREDGE has a lot of different mechanics in the game and one of the most important mechanics that you need to learn and overcome is Panic. Your character will get to lose his Sanity at nighttime which is labeled in the game as “Panic”. During the Panic, you will see some things that are actually not there but they can still harm you if you get near them and in order to get rid of the Panic, you will have to reduce it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Reduce Panic in DREDGE.

Tips to Lower Panic

There are a number of methods that you can do to lower your Panic Level when you are out in the Sea at nighttime. When the time gets past by 20:00, you will see an EYE icon on top of your screen. You will also see a Bar around the EYE which mainly tells you the Panic level of your character. The longer you stay in the sea at nighttime, the higher your Panic Level will go and if you reach the limit Panic Level, your character will start to see different things that are not really there.

You will see islands afar, you will see boats honking, you will see stone structures ahead of you, you will witness crows attacking you and taking your loot, and you will see giant fish swimming under your boat and damaging your boat. All of these things can actually damage your boat if you get hit by them so, you will have to dodge them at all costs in order to keep your boat in good shape. Otherwise, you will have to repair your boat for further exploration and it can cost a lot of money.

Now, in order to lower the Panic, you can do the following things.

  • The best way to lower all of your Panic is to rest at the Dock. If you are suffering through a major Panic, you need to find a real island and dock your boat. Select the Rest option at the Dock to reduce the Panic.
  • You can also use the Light on your ship to reduce exposure to the Fog. It will help you to decrease the Panic gradually. You can get better lights from Shipwright Shop which cost more than $100.
  • You can also follow the Lighthouse light and get close to it in order to reduce exposure to the Fog. It will also help but it is a very slow procedure. it will help you if you don’t have light and far from a town.
Sleeping at Dock

All three of the methods mentioned above can help you reduce the Panic. Make sure to sleep after every run in the sea at nighttime to completely reduce the Panic. Otherwise, your Panic will start from the level where it previously was.

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