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DREDGE – How to Get the Dredge Crane



Dredge Crane

One of the most important equipment on your boat is Dredge Crane because it will help you find lost relics in the deep waters as well as the materials for the upgrades of your boat. You will not be able to get the treasures and materials without the Dredge Crane so, you will have to unlock it as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Dredge Crane in DREDGE.

Getting the Dredge Crane

The Dredge Crane cannot be bought from the Shipwright Store, it can only be unlocked by following the main pursuit of the game. You need to keep playing the game and keep fishing in the sea of the Marrows area. By fishing, you will find a rare specie of fish. It can be of any specie so, keep fishing in all different fishing spots until you find one. The rare specie will be Pink Rarity and after catching the fish, you need to go to Fishmonger in Greater Marrow. When you enter his shop, he will take the fish from you and will give you a Handkerchief found inside the fish.

Once you have obtained the Handkerchief, you will see an unknown character near the dock. He will tell you to meet him on the Blackstone Isle. Blackstone Isle is in the South direction and you can follow your compass to reach the island. Dock your boat and you will see the unknown person again. Select the Ruined Mansion and you will get to talk with the person. The Person is a “Collector” and he will tell you to find more relics for him and he will give you the “Dredge Crane” to find the relics from the deep water.

Accept offer of Collector

Accept the offer of Collector and he will install the Dredge Crane on your boat. Now, you will be able to pull out the relics as well as different materials spread across the map.

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