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DREDGE – How to Upgrade Boat




The Boat upgrades are very important in the game as the upgrades will increase the slots on your boat for each piece of equipment. You can increase the slots for Lights, Nets, Engines, and Rods which will allow you to add more equipment to your boat. Adding new and better equipment will increase the stats of your boat, making it easier for you to travel and store more fish and materials on Cargo.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade your Boat in DREDGE.

Unlock the Upgrade Station

The very first step to upgrading your boat is to unlock the upgrade station named “Dry Dock”. The Dry Dock is run by the same NPC as the Shipwright shop. In order to unlock the Dry Dock, you will have to pay the whole debt of your loan to the town. The debt will be $50 which can be paid by selling the fish or equipment to the shops in Greater Marrow Town.

Each fish and equipment that you sell to the NPCs, will deduct a percentage of the cash and it will go to the town which will clear your debt. Once you have paid the debt, the Mayor will appreciate you and will allow the NPC to open up the Dry Dock for the services of the Boat.

Dry Dock

Upgrading the Boat

The Boat Upgrades have different sections through which you can upgrade the slots of the equipment in your Cargo. Each Section will require a number of certain Materials that can be found on the shores of the islands. When you reach a Shore, you will have to interact with the materials to see what it stores. After that, you can store the materials in your Cargo and then store them in Your Storage at the Town.

The Materials will not be shown until you store them at the storage so, if you find any material regarding the Boat, store them at the storage and once you have the required materials for an upgrade, go to the Dry Dock and select the upgrade to install the materials on your Boat. Once you have installed the materials, it will increase the specific slots of your Cargo and you will be able to buy more equipment from the Shipwright Shop.

Materials for Upgrades

You will find the Equipment under the relative tabs of the shop and after buying the equipment it will take a certain time to install the equipment. Once the equipment is installed, the stats of your boat will increase.

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