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DREDGE – Where to Sell Relics and Treasures



Sell Treasures

There are various kinds of items that you will find from fishing in different waters and regions of the map. You will get different types of fish, materials, old relics, and treasures from the bubbling spots in the water. You will see the bubbling spots in all different regions of the map and some of them will get you relics and treasures that can be sold for a decent amount of money. However, you still be needing key equipment in order to get Relics and Treasures. You will have to get the Dredge Crane in order to pull out the items from sunken ships.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can sell the relics and Treasures in DREDGE.

Selling Relics and Treasures

To sell the Relics and Treasures in your Cargo or Storage, you will have to go to an NPC named “Trader”. The Trader can be found in a town named “Little Marrow” which is inside the Marrows region on the map. You will start from Greater Marrow town and if you go in the East direction from Greater Marrow, you will reach Little Marrow town. To sell the Relics and Treasures, follow the following steps.

  • Dock on Little Marrow town.
  • Select the “Trader” shop in Little Marrow Town.
  • Hover over the relics and treasures you have and then press X to sell them.

You can also find small treasures on the shores of the islands. Make sure to check the beaches with a broken parts of the ship and when you get close to the broken parts, it will let you search them. You can get materials as well as a small treasure that can be sold to the Trader. However, some of the relics are needed for the main Pursuit of the game so, you will not be able to sell those key items to the Trader.

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