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DREDGE – How to Remove Debris



Remove Debris

As you progress ahead in the main story of the game, you will reach a new region named “Gale Cliffs”. You will see several blocked paths with debris in the cliffs and one of the paths also contains key items for the main story of the game that you will have to get. Removing the debris will allow you to go around the cliffs more quickly as well as find the hidden items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to remove Debris in DREDGE.

Removing Debris

In order to learn how to remove the Debris, you will have to complete the main pursuit of the “Hermit” NPC that can be found in the Ruins area in Gale Cliffs region. Go to the Ruins and talk to the Hermit and he will tell you to find his Family Crest. Once you have found the Family Crest, you need to go back to Hermit and he will tell you to go to his brother in Ingfell.

Ingfell is also a small town in Gale Cliffs region and you will find an NPC named “Retired Whaler” who will be the brother of “Hermit”. Talk to him and give him the Family Crest. After that, he will tell you to blow up the Debris in the South-East of the cliffs. He has marked the debris with Yellow Flags. Go in the South-East direction and you will reach the debris marked with yellow flags. This debris will be in front of the Waterfall from where you collected the Family Crest.

Now, interact with the debris to blow them up and the shortcut to the waterfall will be opened. Now, go back to the Retired Whaler and he will tell you to bring his brother to Ingfell. Now, go to the Ruins and get Hermit and bring him to Ingfell. It will unlock a shop named “Whaling Yards” from where you will be able to buy the explosives from the Retired Whaler.

Buy explosives

You can buy the explosives for $40 each and then you just need to go in front of the debris and select the “Use Explosives” option to blow up the debris.

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