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DREDGE – Where to Find Rusted Music Box



Rusted Music Box

The Rusted Music Box is one of the Relics that players will have to find in order to progress ahead in the game. It is the second main Relic that players will have to find in the game for which players will have to travel to a new region named “Gale Cliffs”. After players have found the Ornate Key, the collector will tell them to go to the Gale Cliffs to look for more Relics and the Rusted Music Box is the one that you will find in Gale Cliffs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find the Rusted Music Box in DREDGE.

Finding the Rusted Music Box Relic

Once you have reached the Gale Cliffs region, there will be three different dock points, Dusty Pontoon, Ingfell, and Ruins. You can find the Rusted Music Box in the Ruins area of the region but in order to get access to the area, you will have to get explosives to remove the debris. You will have to complete the main pursuit of the “Hermit NPC in Ruins and after that, meet his brother “Retired Whaler” to get access to his shop.

You will be able to buy explosives from his shop. Each explosive will cost you $40 but only 1 explosive would be enough to open the path from debris. Go to the Ruins’ docks and just to the side of the dock, you will see an area blocked with debris. Interact with debris and select the option “Use Explosive” to blow up the debris.

Rusted Music Box Location

Now, go into the area and go to the shipwreck. You will see red particles coming out of the bubble spot. Press the A button to start pulling out the item from the water and once you have completed the mini-game of pulling out the item, you will get the Rusted Music Box. After that, you can go back to the Marrows region to give the relic to the Collector and he will have another reward for you.

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