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DREDGE – Where to Find the Family Crest




The Family Crest is one of the Key Items for the Pursuit of the “Hermit” NPC who can be found in Ruins. Ruins is a small ancient city that can be found in the Gale Cliffs region. By talking to Hermit after reaching the Ruins, you will be able to ask him about his living in the area and he will ask you to get his Family Crest back. You will have to find the Family Crest back in order to ask him how to remove the debris around the cliffs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Family Crest in DREDGE.

Finding the Family Crest

In order to find the Family Crest of Hermit, you will have to go inside the cliffs. You will have to be careful because there is a demon fish in the water that can damage your boat if you get close to it. It will take out your engine so, you better have two engines at this point. You will have to make your way to the middle of the cliffs. The shortcut to reach the middle will be blocked due to debris but you can make your way around it.

When you have reached the middle of the cliffs, you will see a Waterfall. The Family Crest will be near the waterfall and if you have talked with Hermit then you should see Orange Particles coming out of the bubbles. If you haven’t talked with hermit then you will not see the orange particles but still, you will be able to find the Family Crest.

Family Crest

Once you have spotted the Family Crest location, press the designated button to start pulling out the Family Crest and then return to Hermit with the Family Crest.

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