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DREDGE – Where to Find the Bronze Belt Buckle



grieving father

The Bronze Belt Buckle is one of the key items for a pursuit of an NPC named “Grieving Father”. The Grieving Father can be found in Little Marrow town. Upon talking to the Grieving Father, he will tell you that his son’s ship has sunken in this water and he grieves for him every day. He will tell you to find his Bronze Belt Buckle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Bronze Belt Buckle.

Finding the Bronze Belt Buckle

If you have already met the Grieving Father, you can track his pursuit by going into the Pursuits but if you don’t have met him yet then you can still find the Bronze Belt Buckle. The Bronze Belt buckle is on the south side of Little Marrow town. If you undock from the town and go in the south direction, you will see a couple of bubbles on the coast of the town. You will also see a sunken ship and if you use the Dredge Crane on the bubbles, you will find the Bronze Belt Buckle.

Bronze Belt Buckle location

Now, once you have found the Bronze Belt Buckle, there can be two outcomes. You can either give it to Grieving Father or you can sell it to the Trader. In both outcomes, the pursuit of the Grieving Father will be resolved but it’s your choice.

However, selling the Bronze Belt Buckle will get you $80 and if you give the Bronze Belt Buckle to the grieving father, he will give a Research Part as a reward. So, you can decide whether you want the money or a research part to unlock new equipment for your boat.

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