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DREDGE – Where to Find the Travelling Merchant



Travelling Merchant

The Travelling Merchant is one of the NPCs in the game and by finding this merchant, you will be able to upgrade your boat, get equipment for your boat, sell fish, and much more. By unlocking this merchant, you will not have to go to the other NPCs for each separate activity. This one merchant can do all for you so, players should unlock it as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find the Travelling Merchant in DREDGE.

Finding the Travelling Merchant

The Travelling Merchant cannot be found in the starting region of the game. Players will have to make their way to the South-East side of the map towards the “Gale Cliffs” region. The starting region of the game is “Marrows” and you will have to complete certain pursuits in order to get to the Gale Cliffs region. You will have to find an NPC named “Collector” who will give you the Dredge Crane and after that, you will have to use the Dredge Crane to find the Ornate Key.

Once you have found the Ornate Key, you need to bring it to the Collector and he will reward you with Haste Ability and he will tell you to go to the Gale Cliffs to find the rest of the Relics. Once you have unlocked the pursuit of getting to the Gale Cliffs, the location will be marked with a “Red X” on the map.

Make your way to the Gale Cliffs by following the compass in South-East Direction. As you are about to go inside the Gale Cliffs region, you will see two lighted-up areas. Go to the area on the left side and you will reach a big raft on a place named “Dusty Pontoon”. When you dock at the location, you will meet the Travelling Merchant.

Travelling Merchant's Location

She will introduce herself to you and you will be able to access all of her services from the get-go.

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