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DREDGE – How to Complete the Pursuit of Builder



Builder's Pursuit

There are a number of Pursuits that players will have to complete in order to progress ahead in the story. From the arrival in the Marrows region, you will meet all different NPCs and you will have to complete their pursuits in order to progress ahead in the story. One of the main NPCs that you will meet in the Greater Marrow town is “Builder”. Builder is looking to get out of the town and move away to another island and she will ask for your help.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Pursuit of Builder in DREDGE.

Completing the Pursuit of Builder

The Builder will ask you to get the following materials and place them on an island named “Steel Point”.

  • 2x Lumber
  • 2x Metal Scraps

Lumber is a Wooden Plank that can be found near the Greater Marrow town. However, for both of the materials, you would have to get the Dredge Crane. Once you have gotten Dredge Crane installed on your Boat, go to the bubbles spot above the Wooden Planks in the water. Get two Lumber from the water and make your way to the south of Little Marrow town. The Metal Scraps can be found near the shipwreck. Pull out the Metal Scrap and make your way to the Steel Point.

Steel point Island is on the North of the Greater Marrow so, go in the North direction until you reach the island. It will be also marked on your map with a “Red X”. Once there, select the Material Pile option and go back to Greater Marrow town. Talk with Builder and she will tell you to take her to Steel Point Island.

Deliver Materials to Steel Point

Now, make your way back to Steel Point Island and dock on the Island. Builder will get off the boat and start building her new home on the island. She will give two pieces of Research Parts as a reward and her Pursuit will be resolved.

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