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Dune: Awakening New Gameplay Trailer & More Revealed at Dune Direct



Dune: Awakening New Gameplay Trailer & More Revealed at Dune Direct

Dune: Awakening an upcoming Open-World Survival MMO was first announced back in 2022 and is set to be in the harsh desert of Arrakis. Funcom hosted their first Dune: Awakening Direct show earlier today revealing a new Gameplay trailer for the game and showcasing the world creation using the new Unreal Engine 5.

In the new Gameplay trailer for Dune: Awakening, the desert of Arrakis has shown harsher due to more expansive world experience than the original books and films. The legendary creature, Sandworms will roam beneath the open deserts and will come for the characters and the machinery if making discordant sounds. A few character models can also be seen in the trailer along with climbing mechanics, ground combat with book and film-inspired weapons, aerial combat with Ornithopter, crafting and building bases, and much more.

As it is a survival open-world multiplayer game, it includes all the compulsory survival mechanics where you would have to craft essential items and hunt for essential items like food and water. Since the desert of Arrakis is unforgiving, Water is going to be one of the most valuable survival items in the game.

Furthermore, the event reveals that players will be able to meet the characters from the books and films as they explore the world of Arrakis. You can watch the full show on this link and witness the expansion of the world that Funcom is creating for Dune: Awakening so that players can plunge into the great Dune immersion.

For now, there isn’t any official mention of a release date for the game but it is set to be launched on PC, PlayStation 5, and XBOX Series X|S platforms.

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