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Elden Ring: All Items



Elden Ring: All Items

In this guide, you will find the list of all the Items in the Elden Ring. The items are divided into categories further for better understanding.

Key Items

Key items are exploratory Items that you will receive throughout the game as you progress or by exploring the world of Elden ring. Defeating a boss, enemy or some NPCs will also give you Key Items.

This includes a list of the key items.

  • Crafting Kit, Enables Item crafting from the options.
  • Limgrave Map of the western region.
  • Rusty key for unlocking a locked door.
  • Telescope for seeing farther sites.
  • Spectral Steed Whistle to summon Spectral Steed.
  • Torch to illuminate dark areas.


Consumables are the category of Items in Elden ring that have a temporary effect on the character. Consumables can be acquired throughout the game. Consumables are dropped by bosses, enemies, NPCs and you can buy them off, Merchants.

The list includes the following items

  • Flask of Crimson tears it restores HP.
  • Flask of Cerulean Tears restores FP.
  • FringeFolk’s Runes used to gain Runes.
  • Holy Water Pot.
  • Scriptstone is used to reveal information.
  • Rainbow Stone used to light a place, serves as a guide.
  • Rowa Raisin used to fill your steed HP.
  • Roped Fire Pot explodes and gives Fire Damage.
  • Glowstone is used to light up a location.
  • Flask of Wondrous Physick has special effects.
  • Pauper’s Rune gives a few Runes.
  • Cure Immunizing Meat boosts Immunity for short time.
  • Heavy Meteorite fragment throw to emit gravitation shockwave
  • Pickled Turtle Neck boosts Stamina for a short time
  • Drawstring Fire Grease does Fire Damage
  • Fireproof Dried Liver
  • Bone Knife throw to does damage
  • Staunching Boluses relieves Hemorrhage.
  • Gold-pickled Fowl Foot boost Rune acquisition for short time.
  • Neutralizing Boluses cures poison.
  • Exalted Flesh boosts attack for a short time
  • Sleep Pot emits a purple haze
  • Dragon Heart used to gain the power of the dragon.
  • Throwing Dagger throw to do damage.

Upgrade Materials

Upgrade Material is the category of items used to upgrade and modify a character’s equipment.

Upgrade Materials can be acquired throughout the game. Upgrade materials are dropped by bosses, enemies, NPCs and you can buy them off, Merchants.

The list is the following items:

  • Ash of War: Holy Ground
  • Ash of War: Repeating Thrust
  • Ash of War: Gravitas
  • Ash of War: piercing Fang
  • Ash of War: Storm Blade
  • Ash of Water: Carian Glintsword
  • Ash of War: Thunderbolt
  • Ash of War: Barricade Shield
  • Ash of War: Storm Stomp
  • Ash of War: Glintsword Arch
  • Ash of War: Determination
  • Smithing Stone Shard


Cookbooks are the category of item in the Elden ring that will let your character learn to craft certain Consumables and Ammunition. Cookbooks can be acquired throughout the game. Cookbooks are dropped by bosses, enemies, NPCs and you can buy them off, Merchants.

The list of the items is following:

  • Armorer’s Cookbook
  • Fevor’s Cookbook
  • Missionary’s Cookbook
  • Deserter’s Cookbook

Crystal Tears

Crystal Tears is the category of items that are used to enhance the effects of Flask of Wondrous Physick. Crystal Tears can be acquired throughout the game. Crystal Tears are dropped by bosses, enemies, NPCs and you can buy them off, Merchants.

The list of items is following:

  • Ruptured Crystal Tear
  • Greenspill Crystal Tear
  • Cerulean Crystal Tear
  • Crimson Crystal Tear

Arrows and Bolts

Arrows and Bolts are the categories of items that include consumables and are used as Ammo for Bows and Crossbows. You can use and carry many types of Arrows and Bolts and also you can switch between them in your battles with enemies and bosses.

The list of items is following:

  • Firebone Arrow
  • Firebone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Bone Arrow
  • Bone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Poisonable Arrow
  • Poisonable Arrow (Fletched)
  • Trina’s Arrow
  • Arrow
  • Sleepbone Arrow

Multiplayer Items

Multiplayer items are the category of items in Elden Ring that are used to interact with other players. You can use these items to interact with other players in Co-op play and PVP.

The list of items is the following

  • Blue Cipher Ring
  • White Cipher Ring
  • FurlCalling Finger Remedy
  • Finger Severer
  • Tarnished’s Furled Finger
  • Duelist’s Furled Finger
  • Tarnished’s Wizened Finger
  • Bloody Finger
  • Taunter’s Tongue
  • Small Golden Effigy
  • Vision of Grace
  • Small Red Effigy

Crafting Materials

There are different crafting materials required to craft items in RPG games.

This is the list of the following materials in Eden Ring:

  • Root Resin
  • Blood Rose
  • Arteria Leaf
  • Silver of Meat
  • Beast Liver
  • Lump of Flesh
  • Smouldring Butterfly
  • Cave Moss
  • Silver Firefly
  • Turtle Neck Meat
  • Land Octopus Ovary
  • Strip of White Flesh
  • Mushroom
  • Gold-Tinged Excrement
  • Tarnished Blossom
  • Fulgurbloom
  • Crab Eggs
  • Great Dragonfly Head
  • Herba
  • Moon Egg
  • Trina’s Lily
  • Ruin Fragment
  • Flight Pinion
  • Four-Toed Fowl Foot
  • Thin Animal Bones
  • Rowa Fruit
  • String
  • Elder-leaf Flower
  • Glingstone Scrap
  • Cracek Pot

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