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Elden Ring: Stats and Attributes



Elden Ring: Stats and Attributes

Elden Ring is a Role-Playing game and all the Role Playing games depend on their stats and attributes. Stats menu design is very dependent to get the attraction of the player. Better stats design for a better understanding of the game. Many players get confused with the stats menu design because they don’t know what to do and how everything works.

Base Stats

Base stats include Hp, Fp, and Stamina

Base Stats

Red Bar is Hp, Blue Bar is Fp and Green Bar is stamina, and Equip Load is basically determined how much you carry with your body.

Attack Power

Under the Base Stats, you have your Attack power

Attack Power

These are the Right Armament and Left Armament. A lot of players confuse by this. This is simple when you go to your character equipment you have six slots where you can put your weapon shield or any of the stuff.

Attack Power

The top row is for your right hand and the bottom row is for your left hand. The default power of the armament is 23 and when you add something to your inventory it will increase the power of that hand.

Defense Power

As for Defense Power, it is obvious your resistance with your Physical Power, Magic, Fire Lightning, and Holy power. All these power linked with attributes. For example, if you increase your Stats from attributes it will automatically change the other power of your character.

Defense Power


At last, we have the body. Immunity, Robustness, Focus, and Death are resistant to the stats. The higher the Number is more the resistance to that element.

  • Immunity is the resistance to various Poison and Blights.
  • Robustness is the resistance to Hemorrhage and Frostbite.
  • Focus is the resistance to Sleep and Bouts of Madness
  • Death is the resistance to Death. Death is basically something that your enemy can apply to you.


Attributes include Vigor, Mind, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane.


You can divide these stats into two groups:

  • Vigor, Mind, and Endurance are universal stats. These are the things you have to level up no matter what are you doing.
  • And the other group is Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane as damage stats.

Universal Stats

Vigor Increase your health which is your Red Bar also affects your Fire Resistance and Poison Immunity. It caps out 1400 in the network test.

Mind increase your blue bar which is your FP and also affects your Focus Related resistance. Leveling up the mind is important because it allows you to use weapon skills and spells as well as the few items like heavy Meteorite Fragment. The most amount of FP you can get is 450.

Endurance increases your stamina also affects your Defense power or Robustness. The maximum amount of Stamina you can have is 170.

Damage Stats

The strength required to wield heavy Armaments like giant Hammer and swords etc. Increases attack power and maximum equipment load.

Dexterity’s purpose is to increase your damage output on dexterity weapons and can be useful for magic builds. It also reduces your casting time on spells.

Intelligence increases your damage output with sorcery spells also increases your magic resistance.

Faith is another magic leveling stat it will increase the amount of damage you with incantations as well as allow you to use certain incantations.

The arcane purpose is to increase your discovery also affects your death resistance and certain sorceries and incantations.

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