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Elden Ring: Sites of Grace



Elden Ring: Places of Grace

In Elden Ring, there are checkpoints called Grace. Grace is a place that has a special Golden Light liberating from it. The Grace heals your HP and FP. You will find Grace through your journey to help through the darkness.

Grace points also act as restore or revive points for the character. If you die in a battle, you will be revived at the nearest Grace point.

Functions for Grace Points

  • You can use the Grace point as a resting/meditating place. This will pass the time until morning, noon, afternoon, and evening.
  • Your Health and FP will be restored when you use the Grace point. It can also heal Statue ailments.
  • You can refill your Sacred Flasks at the Grace points
  • While resting at the Grace point, the enemies around will also be respawned.
  • Grace point will work as a Respawn for you, If you die in a battle you can Respawn using the Grace point.
  • Vials are your skill point, you can use Grace point to distribute your no. of uses for the vial. You can decide where to use your Vials on your HP, CP, Crimson Tears, or Cerulean tears.
  • Chest works like an inventory, you can access your chest with Grace point and You can manage your chest. From taking out items from the chest to placing items in the chest.

NOTE: If you’ve reached the maximum capacity for the items you’re carrying, the next item you carry will automatically move to your chest.

  • You can use Ashes of Water at Grace point to give Affinities to your weapons.
  • Grace points are also used for equipping spells. Memorizing spells will mean that you’ve equipped the certain spell, you can equip the spells depending upon the slots available for you or that you’ve unlocked.
  • Grace points can help you spend your points, Runes are the points. You can use Runes to upgrade your character level.

Known Locations for the Grace points

In Legacy Dungeons, you can always find a Lost Grace point. In grounds/open fields you can defeat a Field Boss and it will unlock the Grace point.

Known Locations for the Grace points

Locations in the main landmarks for Grace points are


  • Murkwater Catacombs
  • Mrukwater Coast
  • Church of Dragon Communion
  • Ruined Cellar
  • Agheel Tunnels
  • Seaside Ruins
  • Gate front
  • Church of Elleh
  • The First Step
  • Cave of Knowledge
  • Dragon pass Cave
  • Stranded Graveyard
  • Agheel Lake North


  • Castleward Tunnel
  • Scavenger’s Shack
  • Margit the Fell Omen

Stormveil Castle

  • Castle Gate
  • Gateside Chamber
  • Stormveil Cliffside

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