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Elden Ring: All Primeval Sorceries and Where to Find Them



Elden Ring: All Primeval Sorceries and Where to Find Them

The sorcery in Elden Ring is very powerful and it does deal a very great amount of damage to enemies. In Elden Ring, there are some sorcerers that have found primeval sorcery which is much more powerful than the normal sorcery we found in the game. The primeval Sorcery doesn’t have a staff that boosts them. There is a total of three primeval sorceries in the game and they are given to the player by the NPCs or certain events later in-game. All of the three sorceries do a great amount of damage to enemies and bosses. The primeval sorcery requires intelligence to use. So, the player has the matching or higher intelligence to use the particular primeval sorcery.

Where to Find Primeval Sorceries

There are three primeval sorceries and we’ll tell you the location of all three sorceries where you can find them.

  • Comet Azur

This is one of the most powerful Sorcery in the game and it deals a lot of damage to enemies and bosses. The requirement to use this spell is astonishing but if you have the attributes then why not use this sorcery on the enemies. It costs 40 FP to cast and you can only cast it if you have an intelligence of 60.

Comet Azur

Now to get this sorcery you just have to talk to the sorcerer and he will give it to you for free. The sorcerer’s name is Azur and he is not much of a speaker but when you talk to him for the first time, he will give you this sorcery.

His location is near Mount Gelmir and you can reach him without taking any fight with anyone and go straight to this site of grace. He is sitting right behind the site of grace just go talk to him and get the reward for free.

Elden Ring: All Primeval Sorceries and Where to Find Them
  • Stars of Ruin

Before you acquire the Stars of Ruin Sorcery you have to get the Comet Azur Sorcery first which we have told you how to get it. You can cast the Stars of Ruin sorcery with a cost of 50 FP and you’ll need 43 intelligence.

Elden Ring: All Primeval Sorceries and Where to Find Them

Now that you have the Comet Azur you have to go to the waypoint Ruins Cellar and introduce yourself to the Sellen and show her the special sorcery, this will prompt some special dialogue. Continue speaking to her until exhausting all dialogue options, one of those should be a request to find another primeval sorcerer by the name of Lusat.

Elden Ring: All Primeval Sorceries and Where to Find Them

Lusat is in a hidden location trapped behind a magical seal and Sellen will give a seal breaker to dispel that barrier.

Now you have to go to the Celia Hideaway in Caelid, the entrance to this dungeon is in a rock wall north of the Church of the Plague. It’s obscured by an illusionary boulder that will fade when struck by an attack.

Elden Ring: All Primeval Sorceries and Where to Find Them

Now go down and you have to go to the largest cavern area because that’s where the seal is. You have to break through more illusionary walls to get there. Get to the bottom floor carefully by jumping on the crystals. There’ll be a Sorcerer down here guarding the magical seal. After defeating him approach the seal and examine it to dispel the seal.

You’ll find Master Lucat inside after dispelling the seal, he is also not much of a talker so he’ll give you the Stars of Ruin sorcery when you talk to him.

  • Founding Rain of Stars

This sorcery is also very powerful and to cast, it will cost 46 FP and you’ll need intelligence of 52. But to get this sorcery you have to pass through certain parts of the game.

Founding Rain of Stars

First, you have to defeat the Omen king boss at the Elden Throne and obtain the rolled medallion giving you access to the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Founding Rain of Stars

From the Grand Lift of Rold, you’ll need to head up north past Ancient Snow Valley Ruins. Eventually locating the Freezing Lake site of grace. Now in order to get this sorcery, we need to solve a puzzle to enter the Heretical Rise. Now there’ll be an invisible bridge to enter the tower and the starting point of the bridge is near the freezing lake site of grace. From there travel up and around to the north then move along the ridge westward until arriving at a broken bridge.

Founding Rain of Stars

You should be able to see snow landing on and revealing an invisible continuation of the structure. Begin traveling down the invisible path but stop part way through as it goes from a bridge to a spiral staircase leading up to the rise’s second floor. Again, you should see the snow landing on the invisible staircase guiding the way. Carefully make your way up to the rise and the seal will open on the tower.

There are some enemies to clear out as you make your way to the top tower room. Once you reach there, you’ll find the Founding Rain of Stars sorcery in a chest.

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