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Rune Factory 5: How to invite Monsters and Residents of Rigbarth as Party Members



Rune Factory 5: How to invite Monsters and Residents of Rigbarth as Party Members

Rune Factory 5 has a big RPG open world which has a lot of tasks, monsters, and different adventures. It becomes difficult sometimes to go alone on different tasks or kill different Monsters alone. The good thing about Rune Factory 5’s sandbox open world is that you can get in-game characters to help become your allies and to help you in your different adventures.

Boss Fights

There are a lot of boss fights and Monster capturing quests in Rune Factory 5. It becomes hard to kill all the monsters and the main bosses on your own. So, as you progress in the game you will become friends with NPCs of Rigbarth town and you can invite them to join your adventure. This is one of the best features of Rune factory 5’s lifestyle RPG.

Combat is also a big thing in Rune Factory 5 other than doing affections with every NPC or helping them. You will have to fight a major boss in almost every chapter of Rune Factory 5. Bosses also drop rare items.

Inviting Monsters and Residents of Rigbarth

You can invite both the monsters of Rigbarth and the Residents of Rigbarth. You will find monsters in dungeons around the Rigbarth, you can defeat and tame them to add them to your Monster Barn. They can temporarily join your party, not all the items, you can invite them on certain quests you’re doing not all the time. A total of 4 can be at a party from which one is you and you can invite up to three members to your party. You can go to your Barn and talk to the monsters there that are tamed and you can invite them there to go on an adventure with you. Untamed monsters can also be invited if you’ve captured them but they can only be used for 24 hours. You can capture any untamed monster by using your net, throw your net on the monster after they have low HP and you can capture them.

Friendship with Residents of Rigbarth

For monsters it’s pretty simple you just go to your barn and talk to them and they will join your party. For residents, you have to have a friendship relation level 3. You can increase your affection with the NPCs of Rigbarth by giving them gifts, handmade gifts are the best and they will give the most points to increase the friendship level. You can also just speak to the NPC you’re wanting to increase the level of friendship with, you can do this once a day. You can speak to the NPC and ask them like monsters to go on an adventure with you and they will join your party if they’re not busy with another activity like Rigbarth town festival or other important quests in town.

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