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Elden Ring: How to defeat Cleanrot Knight



Elden Ring: How to defeat Cleanrot Knight

Cleanrot Knight is an optional boss in the big world of Elden Ring. Cleanrot Knight used to be a brilliant warrior of Maenia the Severed. He used to be a Demigod. Cleanrot Knight is a cool-looking knight that has some summoning abilities and also inflicts the Scarlet Rot. Scarlet Rot will eat up your HP. A bar for Scarlet Rot will appear on your screen when you’ve been hit with Scarlet Rot and it’s really annoying poison damage.

Cleanrot Knight has extreme speed when it comes to fighting and does sudden sword-swinging attacks mixed with his infliction of Scarlet Rot which will eventually consume all your Hp if you don’t use any Crimson Tear potions.


You can find Cleanrot Knight in the Stillwater Cave, Stillwater is located right between Limgrave and Liurnia region. When you get out of the Stormveil Castle, you will progress to the Liurnia of the Lakes region but you can find the Stillwater cave after you’ve got out of the Stormveil Castle. You can find the Stillwater cave at the given location on the map.

Elden Ring: How to defeat Cleanrot Knight

Stillwater Cave

Once, you’ve reached the Stillwater cave, you need to descend into the cave to make your way all the way down to the dungeon of Stillwater. You don’t have to jump into pits with enemies. You can make your way by sticking to the ledge and keep going down. At last, you will reach a teleport in the dungeon. You need to use this teleport and it will take you to the location where you will face the Cleanrot Knight.

How to defeat Cleanrot Knight

Cleanrot Knight has a sword and a spear-like any classic knight but he has summoning powers and attacks. Once, you’re in the fight with Cleanrot Knight you have to be very careful and dodge his dash and swing attacks.

If you’re using a sword to fight Cleanrot Knight it’s going to be hard for you as he’s really fast in movement and will constantly be doing different sword swing attacks and also the spear upswing attacks. If you get hit by his sword and swing it will inflict you with Scarlet Rot which is really annoying and you will have to use your Crimson tears to negate the effect of Scarlet Rot. Otherwise, Scarlet Rot will eat up all your HP and you will die.

Watch out for Cleanrot Knight’s dash and sword swing attack which he will do again and again and you need to get behind him where he dashes and then attack him from behind. This will give him a lot of damage. You have to carefully dodge his attacks. His next attack that you should be careful of is swinging a spear which will swing his spear and will be followed by a lot of swords summoning towards you from the ground. You have to roll and dodge this attack. To defeat Cleanrot Knight using a sword you will have to wait for any sword or spear attack and then get behind him and attack him. When you’re fighting him, you can distract Cleanrot Knight by using your Ashes of war. Summon Your Ashes of War to help you give damage to Cleanrot Knight using this strategy you can defeat Cleanrot Knight.

Cheese Method with Glintstone Staff

This is the Bonus method and using the method you can easily defeat Cleanrot Knight. You need a Glintstone spell and staff or any other spell with sorcery in order to fight the Cleanrot Knight.

Once, you’ve got the staff you need to get to the Cleanrot knight location and fight him. You just have to stay at a distance and keep hitting him with your magical staff’s spell. The best thing about is Cleanrot knight will try to defend the spell attack but he cannot defend this attack. So, you can easily give him a lot of damage but you’ve to be careful about his dash and sword summoning from the ground attacks. The best strategy is to keep roaming in the cave and hitting Cleanrot Knight with your Glintstone staff spell, he will get damaged and cannot defend him whether he’s trying, to help you more you can call Ashes of war. This way you will be unstoppable and easily defeat Cleanrot Knight.


When you defeat the Cleanrot Knight in Stillwater Cave you will receive 3,300 Runes and the Winged Sword Insignia Talisman. Winged Sword Insignia Talisman is really helpful in almost every character build if you’ve high Endurance and Dexterity as it will increase your Endurance and it’s very helpful in boss fights.

Elden Ring: How to defeat Cleanrot Knight

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