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Rune Factory 5: Best Methods to Increase Friendship Level



Rune Factory 5: Best Methods to Increase Friendship Level

In Rune Factory 5 you can increase your friendship levels with the different characters in the game. The characters that you can increase your friendships level can be seen in your menu and their friendship status with you also can be seen there. The other villager characters can also be seen there with the smiley face to indicate them. Whereas the characters with the heart icon are romanceable and their level and the percentage of the level can be seen in the menu. So, you can look through your friendship levels with all the characters.

Friendship Levels

  • Friendship Level 3

You’ll be able to invite the characters to your party.

  • Friendship Level 5

Characters will give you a gift on your birthday.

  • Friendship Level 7

You can confess your feelings to Bachelor and Bachelorette Characters and go on dates with them.

  • Friendship Level 10

You can ask one of the Bachelor and Bachelorette characters to marry you.


Now there are various ways to increase your friendship levels with these characters. You can do any one of those methods or even you can do all the methods to increase the friendship level more quickly. Methods are following.

Talking to Characters

Talk to characters once every day as it increases 1% to 5% in friendship level. You can talk to them more than once on a festival day. Once before the festival start or after the festival finishes and once during the festival.

Giving Gifts to Characters

So, every character in rune factor 5 has items that they like, dislike, love, and hate. You can give them one gift every day that they like and also you can give them the gift that they love. So, that’ll be 2 gifts every day making the percentage of friendship level go high. There is also another gift that you can give them is a hand-made gift by you, they like hand-made gift more than the gift you’ve bought from the general store. Giving them gifts on their birthdays gives you more percentage in the friendship level.

Greeting Spells

You can do greetings to every NPC in the game so by doing greetings to characters they can also greet you back and it also gives a little bit of increase percentage in friendship level.

Winning Festivals

Winning festivals increase the percentage of friendship level among all the characters so, it is also a very good way to increase the levels.

Increasing Skill levels

If you’ve increased skill levels on various skills so the characters will give you compliments on your skill making it increase your friendship level with the characters.

Completing Request

Complete the requests of characters that are listed on the Request Board. It’ll also increase friendship levels.

Inviting Characters to your Party

You can also invite a character to your party once you’ve reached level 3 with that character. For every hour in the game, you’ll get 1% in your friendship level.

Go on Date

You can also go on a date with the characters once you’ve reached level 7 with the characters and confessed your feelings to them. When you ask them out on a date, they’ll give a place and a time for the date. Reaching the place on time makes them happy and this event will give much more percentage in friendship level. If you go late on the date then that’ll make them angry and you’ll lose percentage.

If you’ve reached level 10 with a character you can ask them to marry you. You can date every character but can marry only one.

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