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Elden Ring: Best trick to defeat Royal Knight Loretta (BONUS GLITCH)



Elden Ring: Best trick to defeat Royal Knight Loretta (BONUS GLITCH)

First, you need to get to the Boss Royal Knight Loretta, you can find him at the Main Caria Manor in the Liurnia region of Elden Ring. The location for the Manor is shown on the map. You have to get to the upper level of the Caria Manor.

Elden Ring: Best trick to defeat Royal Knight Loretta (BONUS GLITCH)

Enter from the main gate and you have to keep moving on the path, there is a big fountain in the middle. You need to take left from the fountain, and go through the pathway. At the end of the pathway, there is a tower you need to get up the tower using the stairs, there is a site of grace you can use for fast travel later.

You need to head out of the open window area of the tower, This will take you to an upper path of Manor. The path also has small towers, you need to follow the path to keep moving to the other side of the Manor. You have to keep following the path to reach a big building of the Manor.

There is an elevator inside you need to take the elevator up and there is a site of grace for the Upper level of Manor. Now, you need to head out of this building. You have to go straight and You will see a big staircase going up, there is also a big Knight monster there but you don’t have to fight him as we’re not here for him. When You reach the top of the staircase there is a door going to a lake, you need to head into this lake area and you will face the Royal Knight Loretta.

Royal Knight Loretta

Once, your facing Knight Loretta at the lake. First, you need to check your surroundings and at your left, there is a staircase and has a big statue there. This is the key point in this fight for the trick that we’re going to use in this fight.

How to Defeat

As soon as the fight starts, you don’t have to do any attacks. You have to run straight to the Statue area using stairs. You need to summon your ashes. The Knight Loretta will come to you, you can take cover behind the big statue. When he’s fighting your Ashes, you can attack him with your sword. It’s recommended that you have a staff and you use your Glimstone magic spell to distant attack Knight Loretta. With staff, while he’s fighting you just have to stay in cover behind the statue and attack him with your staff’s spells.

The one major attack that you have to dodge is the Knight Loretta’s Summoning Bow attack. You can easily dodge as you follow the trick. You just have to do ring a roses with the Knight’s Loretta. Keep Summoning your Ashes and attack him with your Staff’s Spells and you can easily defeat the Royal Knight Loretta.

bonus glitch


This is the bonus for you guys, you can activate this glitch to also easily defeat the Royal Knight Loretta.

How to Activate

When the fight starts you need to run to the left wall stick to it and go up the stairs to the statue and go to the right corner wall attack on the wall and come to the left wall of the statue area and attack on the wall. Now, you need to run down the stairs and again stick to the left wall. When you reach the teleport door, you need to come inside the lake and go to options settings and menu, and quit the game to the Menu. You need to again start the game when you again come to the Lake where you have to fight Knight Loretta.

He will be frozen in the middle of the lake. You can easily attack him and kill him however you want. He won’t move a step.


After, you’ve defeated the Royal Knight Loretta. You will receive the Loretta’s Greatbow and Ash of war: Loretta’s Slash.


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