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Elden Ring: How to unlock Roundtable Hold and all NPCs at Roundtable Hold



Elden Ring: How to unlock Roundtable Hold and all NPCs at Roundtable Hold

Roundtable Hold is a safe house with tons of allies NPC that will help you in different things. You can go to Roundtable anytime after you’ve unlocked it by defeating the first major boss of the Elden Ring. You can upgrade your spirit ashes, weapons and unlock remembrance rewards and many other things by going to various NPCs there. There is a Roundtable there as in name which is also the site of Grace which you can rest at and travel back to the main world.

Unlock Roundtable Hold

To unlock the Roundtable Hold you need to go to Stormhill shack, you will talk to Roderika there. Roderika then can be found later at the Roundtable Hold when unlocked. Stormveil Castle is just beside the Stormhill shack as shown at the given location on the map.

Elden Ring: How to unlock Roundtable Hold and all NPCs at Roundtable Hold

You will fight the Margit, the fell omen at this bridge location. As soon as you enter from the gate that is going towards the Stormveil castle and when you reach the bridge the cutscene will trigger and you have to fight Margit, the fell omen.

After you’ve defeated Margit, the fell omen a cutscene will trigger again where Melina will come and talk to you while you’re resting at grace and she’ll take you to the Roundtable Hold. You will automatically go to the Roundtable Hold after defeating Margit, the fell omen.

Now, you’ve reached the Roundtable Hold you have to talk to all the NPCs that are present there. Some of the NPCs also have their quests that you can follow to complete their quests. Also, you can do trade with some NPCs to upgrade your Spirit Ashes or weapons.

NPCs at Roundtable Hold

These are the NPCs that you will find at the Roundtable Hold:

  • Roderika, the Spirit tuner
  • Brother Corhyn
  • Diallos
  • Fia
  • Twin Maiden Husks
  • Blacksmith Hewg
  • Ensha
  • Gideon
  • Finger Reader Enia

New NPCs appear at the Roundtable Hold as you progress in Elden Ring. You can come back to the main world by doing fast travel to any location of grace in the main world.

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