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Elden Ring: Complete Pyromancy Build



Elden Ring: Complete Pyromancy Build

In Elden Ring, you can build your character in various ways whether you want to buff up your character and the weapons or you want to go with sorcery and magic or you want to become a fire lord. You can do that by gathering all the perfect items for your build. In today’s guide, we tell you how to make a pyromancy build which is actually a fire build that’ll make you deal damage to enemies with fire.


You can make any character a pyromancer because the only thing that is going to matter is the Faith attribute. You only want to buff up the Faith attribute if you want to deal more damage to enemies with the fire. The top choices would be Mage character or Vagabond character if you want to make your character a pyromancer later in the game.

Upgrading Attributes

For the Pyromancy build you need more Faith than any other attribute so the stats shown in the image would be enough for you to use all the major incantations that deal massive damage with fire. You want to increase the Mind stat because the FP cost of incantations is higher so you don’t want to run out of the FP quickly. Increase Vigor for more health.

Upgrading Attributes


The weapons best for the pyromancy build will available to you pretty late in the game because this build be best for you when you are starting the Journey 2 for the game.

The first major item you are going to need is a Giant’s seal because you are going to use the spells of fire as your attack on the enemies.


For your weapon, you can use the Giant’s Red Braid as it does damage in all directions. It has a skill that coats your whip with fire and deals fire damage to enemies.

Location of Giant’s Seal

This seal can be found late in the game in the Mountaintops of the Giant region. You can find it in Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Site of Grace shown in the image below.

Location of Giant’s Seal

You’ll find it in the room right before the boss of this dungeon by jumping over the railing of the bridge and it will be in a room right side of the enemy.

Location of Giant’s Red Braid

You can get it from the Finger Maiden, Enia at the roundtable after you trade the Remembrance of the Fire Giant.

Armor Set

You can wear Cleanrot armor set as it has high immunity and robustness resistance, as well as good physical and elemental damage absorption. You can change your headgear if you want to.

You can get this armor set in pieces from the cleanrot knights in Aeonia Swamp in Caelid region.


The Talismans that you want to use in this build are the ones that make your spells do more damage and cast faster. The four talismans for this build are the following:

Fire Scorpion Charm: It increases all fire damage you deal by 12% while lowering your overall defenses.

Flock’s Canvas Talisman: It boosts the damage of all incantations by 8%.

Godfrey Icon: It increases the damage of all charged spells and weapon skills. The charged fire incantations combine really well with this talisman as it increases the damage of incantations.

Redagon Icon: It increases your spell casting speed allowing you to cast spells more rapidly.

Physick Flask

For Physick Flask for this build, you definitely want to get the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear from the Erd Tree in Caelid. It boosts all of your fire damage for 3 minutes just to even further maximize your fire damage output.

The second tear in your flask is up to your preference, if you have a personal favorite tear then use that as the second tear in your flask.

Physick Flask


The first two incantations that we are going to use for this build are Flame, Grant me Strength, and Golden Vow. These are the two buffs of our build and are very important. You are going to cast these before every single major fight.

Then we have a Catch Flame, which is for the enemies that get in our face, it does a burst of fire damage and it attacks faster than most of the swords in the game.

Then we have Giantsflame, Take Thee, It’s the main damage of the build and you want to make sure that you charged it up before the fights. It does a ton of damage and it has an AoE attack that covers a great distance around the enemies as well.

The last two incantations we have are optional you can select pretty much anything but as we have the talsimans for the fire damage so we have put fire spells. These two incantations do minimal damage. These are the Flame of the Fell God and Flame, Fall Upon Them. You can substitute these out if you want.

Elden Ring: Complete Pyromancy Build

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