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Lost Ark: All the updates and changes in the new KR Balance Patch



Lost Ark: How To Get Legendary Pet

Lost Ark has released a new balanced patch which has some massive changes and normal changes. They have also announced new classes to come in the game as well. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the recent balance patch and all the changes in the classes and the new classes as well.


Berserker received quite many changes including engraving, and a nerf to the mayhem where they reduced the damage dealt by 4% at max level. The buff to the technique of engraving, where they added 20% more critical damage at level three. The red dust skill cooldown has been lowered to 24 seconds from 30 seconds while increasing the attack power by 24% max. The cooldown reduction tripod for it has been removed and replaced by a 6% nerf for the party that lasts 16 seconds. Berserker’s other attacks were also changed and they become back attacks from front attacks so, the berserker is a full back attack character now.


Tiny buff to the Gunlancer for the lone knight build. Increased skill damage by 3,3% in PvE.


Destroyer is a new class that coming into our region in May. He received some really nice changes in particular. A lot less RNG when generating blue cores which are used as a class mechanic to hit harder. Many other skills have guaranteed core generation. His popular skills received attack speed tripods instead of the core mechanics. He also received a taunt mechanic as well. Other changes in various skills include the staggering increase in damage reduction range and also the removal of perfect positioning for sizing hammer, a fundamental skill in any destroyer build.


Paladin received minor but good changes to a few of his skills that have now back attack properties.


Wardancer received an 18% increased damage in PvE content and a 14% increased damage for their awakening skills. A change to Winds whispers tripod Oath of the Wind now gives minor recovery which might change the builds now. A couple of skills also changed from front attacks to back attacks as well. The engraving received a buff of 5% at level three.


Scrapper received a massive buff of 24% increased damage for PvE. Several skills are slightly nerfed and shock skills are reorganized to be back attacks. The awakening blast of ruination is slightly buffed. The engraving does 5% more damage at level three.


Soulfist received a damage increase of 30% in PvE for all the skills except the awakening and basic attacks. Soulfist also receives a 9% of damage increase for all the skills in PvP except the awakening and basic attacks. Both of the awakenings got a 55% damage increase. Air release is no longer a damage buff for you or the group it has been changed to the shield for you and the group. The other skills have been changed into more of a support play. The engraving receives a small buff in damage.


Glavier is a class that is expected to release this month and has received some buffs in critical damage and also received nerfs in some skills as well.


The striker received a change in his Thunderbolt skill where it doesn’t penetrate through bosses now. So, you can’t use it as a positioning skill from now on.


Deadeye received a buff of 10% damage at level three in engraving. He also receives the awakening area adjustment changes.


He receives an overall 5 % increase in PvE. Missile bombing and aerial bombardment have been changed to the lowest. Napalm and Multiple rocket guns have been changed to Award. Some of his skills have been removed from the back attack. The turret awakening is buffed and has more hp now. Concentrated saturation skill range increased to 50% more, increase the speed until fire by 16%, and reduce the duration of attack by 30%.


Sharpshooter got some buffs too mostly for the class mechanics as it generates the hawk resource faster in both PvE and PvP. The awakening skill also changed to restore the energy to 100%. A nerf in the second companion class engraving now increases your own attack power by 10%.


Gunslinger received some buffs but also a PvP nerf for one of his pistols. The engraving skill Time to Hunt received a buff of 5% on level three.


The bard received a counter effect on the Prelude of Storm and all their debuffs received an extra one duration on the target.


Sorceress got nerfed their identity enhanced magic gives 8% more damage as opposed to 10% and the magic release effect gives 16% damage as opposed to 20%. The attribute damage factor of specialization magic enhancement and magic release identities have been changed to 2.2 from 2.15.


The burst engraving skill has been nerfed. It is said by the devs that it is overpowered for the endgame content.


Shadowhunter got a tiny buff on the specialization as the gauge recovery factor has been changed to 0.54. He also got damage increased overall by 4.5% in PvE content. The Chain Howl and Demonic Slash skills got a minor buff. Death claw has been removed from the head attack effect and when it is used it gives 6% more damage for 6 seconds.


Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Bolt Thrower Weapon



Bolt Thrower

There are number of weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake that players will get as they progress through the game as well as by buying from the Merchant’s Shop. One of the powerful weapons in the game is Bolt Thrower which is actually a Crossbow that can take down the normal enemies in one hit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Bolt Thrower weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Getting the Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower is one of the Weapons that can only be bought from the Merchant. Players will unlock the Merchant in the Second Chapter of the game and you will be able to buy the Bolt Thrower right away. But the price for Bolt thrower in the Second Chapter will be 10,000 Ptas. If you don’t buy it in the second chapter and wait until the third chapter, you will be able to buy it for 8,000 Ptas.

Once you have reached the church, make your way to the Merchant’s new location and he will give the discount of 20% on the Bolt Thrower. It is the best time to buy the Bolt Thrower in the game. Select the Bolt Thrower in the Buy section of the shop to buy it. However, you will also be required to have bolts in order to use it.

Buying the Bolt Thrower

The Bolt Thrower comes with only 3 Bolts and you can pick them up after killing the enemies but it would be better if you have the recipe for the bolts as well. In order to get the recipe, you would also have to buy it from the Merchant. The Bolt Recipe will cost you 6,000 Ptas. So, the total cost on Bolt Thrower weapon would cost you 16,000 Ptas, if you buy it in the second chapter or 14,000 ptas, if you buy it in the third chapter.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Spinels




Spinels is the special currency in Resident Evil 4 Remake that players can get through different ways. Most of the players might not consider getting this currency but this currency can get you one of the most useful items in the game. Spinels is mainly used for Trading items with Merchant and you can get handful of items from him with Spinels.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Spinels in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Getting Spinels

There are two major ways from which you can get Spinels in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

  1. Complete Merchant Requests
  2. Kill Tough Enemies

The primary way of getting the Spinels is by completing the requests of Merchant. You will find the requests near the Merchant’s Shop or at random place in a location. The request will be on a note and there are two types of notes. One would be White like a normal Note and the other one would be Blue. All of these requests can be found along the main journey of the story and its your choice either you want to complete the requests or not.

All of the requests will denote an area as well where you would have to do a specific task, i.e. Shoot Blue Medallions, shoot rats, kill mini-boss, etc. By completing these requests, you will have to go to the Merchant and by talking to Merchant, he will give you the total number of spinels for completion of requests.

Requests of Merchant

Another way to get Spinels is by killing the tough enemies. You will find these enemies at random spots in the main journey. However, you will get a very low number of Spinels from killing the tougher enemies and you might not be able to get the items from trading the Spinels. The better way to get Spinels is through completing the requests so, make sure to accept the request by picking up the notes and then complete the requests to get the Spinels.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Trade Spinels for Items




Trading is one of the new mechanics added to the Resident Evil Remake series and in the new Resident Evil 4 Remake, players will be able to trade a special currency named Spinels for useful items. If you have been getting Spinals and you don’t know what to do with them then hold on to them and read along the guide to know what Spinels can get you in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to trade Spinels for items in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Trading at Merchant

Spinels can only be traded at the Merchant’s Shop. In order to get access to his shop, you will have to unlock Merchant. Merchant is unlocked automatically at the beginning of the Second Chapter. Once you have unlocked Merchant, you will be able to Buy & Sell Items, Upgrade Weapons, and Trade Spinels for Items from him.

You will find Merchant in random locations as you progress through the main story of the game. In order to Trade Items, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with Merchant to access the Shop.
  • Select the Trade option of the Shop or Change the Tab to TRADE.
  • Select the Item you want to get in exchange of Spinels.
  • Hold down the respected button to trade the item with required number of Spinels.

After trading the item, the item will be stored in your inventory.

List of All Items for Trade

As players progress through the game, they will see addition to the Trade list at Merchant’s Shop and players can get the following items by trading Spinels.

  • Treasure Map: Village – 1x Spinel
  • Treasure Map: Castle – 5x Spinel
  • Treasure Map: Island: 5x Spinel
  • Punisher – 5x Spinel
  • Laser Sight – 10x Spinel
  • High-Power Scope – 7x Spinel
  • TMP Stock – 8x Spinel
  • Red 9 Stock – 9x Spinel
  • Matilda – 10x Spinel
  • Matilda Stock – 12x Spinel
  • Attache Case: Black – 8x Spinel
  • Attache Case: Red – 12x Spinel
  • Yellow Herb – 3x Spinel
  • Exclusive Upgrade Ticket 1 – 30x Spinel
  • Exclusive Upgrade Ticket 2 – 40x Spinel
  • 10x Gunpowder – 2x Spinel
  • 10x Gunpowder – 3x Spinel
  • Yellow Diamond – 3x Spinel
  • Red Beryl – 4x Spinel
  • Elegant Mask – 2x Spinel
  • Chalice of Atonement – 3x Spinel
  • Velvet Blue – 1x Spinel
  • Gold Token – 3x Spinel

This list also contains the new game+ items and you can get the items in each playthrough.

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