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Elden Ring: Completing Roderika’s Questline



Elden Ring: Completing Roderika’s Questline

You have to go to Stormhill Shack and talk to Roderika there. This will start Roderika’s Questline.

She will tell you that she found out that you’re going to Stormveil castle. She will then give you the Ashes of Jellyfish to accompany them to yourself. She thinks she’s too weak to keep them with her. She’ll also ask you to take a message to Stormveil castle to the little chrysalids that she will join their club soon.

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Chrysalid’s Memento

You have to go to Rampart Tower at the Stormveil castle at the given location on the map. You have to find Chrysalid’s and give her Roderika’s message.

Chrysalid’s Memento

At Rampart tower you’ll have to take the elevator and go down to the main courtyard. You’ll go to the room next to the courtyard, you’ll find a lot of dead bodies are piled and where Chrysalids are hanging. You have to go near and you’ll find Chrysalid’s Memento.

You have to now take back the memento to the Roderika. You need to go back to Stormhill Shack and give Chrysalid’s memento to Roderika. There will be a dialogue and you’re good to go.

RoundTable Hold

You have to go to a Roundtable hold and you’ll have to talk to Roderika again. There will be a dialogue where she’ll thank you and reward you with a Golden seed.

RoundTable Hold

Next, you have to go outside from the Roundtable and talk to the Smithing Master Hewg. He will tell you about himself and Roderika’s gift of spirit tuning and you’ll be able to use the Hewg’s shop. You need to go back to the roundtable and talk to Roderika again. There will be a dialogue where Roderika wants to learn to hone her skill from Hewg. So, you need to go talk to Hewg again. There will be an option, about Roderika you need to select this and you’re good to go.

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You need to teleport and come back to Roundtable hold and Roderika has now become your Spirit Tuner. You can talk to her and she’ll tell you that she had learned the Spirit tuner skill and will now help you with it. You need to talk to Hewg now, select the Option About Roderika and he’ll tell you that she has a talent for Spirit tuner and you can trust her.

Finding Crimson Hood

You have to go back to Rampart Tower and go to the location where you found Chrysalid’s memento. You will go back to the same place and you’ll get the Crimson Hood item for yourself.

You can go to your equipment options and now equip the Crimson Hood. Also, You’ve completed Roderika’s Questline and she is unlocked to help you upgrade in Spirit Tuning.

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