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Elden Ring: Find Patches and unlock him as a Retailer



Elden Ring: Find Patches and unlock him as a Retailer

Patches is an NPC that you can interact and talk to and you can unlock him as a Merchant. To find Patches, you have to go to the Murkwater Cave at the given location on the map.

patches elden ring

Once, you have reached Murkwater Cave you have to make your way into the cave and keep on moving. Inside the cave, you’ll find a teleport and you have to use the teleport. It will take you to another section of the cave, where there is a bonfire and a chest. You can open the chest and you’ll find some clothes in the chest. After you’ve opened the chest. A boss will start his dialogue with you. You’ll have to face the boss now. The boss you’re fighting is Patches and you are inside the patches cave.

Fighting Patches

You have to defeat patches, You can dodge his front attacks and use magic spells on him. If he’s rolling your attacks use magic attacks. Once, you have damaged patches to half health. He will Surrender and he would ask for mercy. The game will give you a dialogue option to forget and forgive or not. You have to select forget and forgive and there will be a dialogue between you and patches.

patches elden ring

Unlocking Patches Shop

After you’ve done with forget and forgive patches and his dialogue with you to open a legitimate shop for you next time. You have to do only one simple task to unlock the Patches shop. You just have to teleport back to the Murkwater cave and come back to the location where you fought patches. You’ll see that you can now talk to patches and shop items from him.

Items Patches Sell

You have to talk to patches to open his shop. He sells Gold pickle fowl foot that is used to boost your rune acquisition for an amount of time. He has a lot of useful items which will help you in fighting enemies and bosses as well.

Items Patches Sell

Opening Patches Chest

For opening the Patches chest. You have to go to patches and talk to him, under the shop option there will be an option called that chest. You’ll ask him about his chest and he will tell you that chest is for a very valuable customer.

You can now go to the chest and open it, The chest has a teleport trap and it will teleport you to limgrave. You’ll go to somewhat leave and there is a pilgrim, You have to go the pilgrim and pick the item. It’s the map of east Limgrave. You would want to teleport back to patches but you can’t as it says you’re trapped. So, you’ll have to rest at a grace location then you can teleport back to Patches.

mistwood elden

There is a grace point Shown at the given location near to you. You can rest there and then teleport back to Patches. You’ll go back and talk to him and there will be a dialogue where he’ll tell you that he is shocked to see that you’re still alive and that he thought you died by opening that chest. He will be impressed by you and that’s it you’re good to continue with your story quest.

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