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Elden Ring: Everything about Gestures



Elden Ring: Everything about Gestures

Just like the previous Souls games, Elden Ring also has a feature called Gestures. Gestures are special animations that last for a few seconds and can be selected from the menu. Simply put Gestures are a means of communicating with other players. It is an action that can be picked from the list and your character will express it. They are just like Emotes, a feature available in many games.

How to use Gestures

To use Gestures simply press the Option/Esc button and you will find two sections on the right side of the screen i.e Pouch and Gestures. Here you can navigate the Gesture section to see the available gestures and use whichever you want to use depending on the situation.

How to use Gestures

Uses of Gestures

Well, we have already written about what Gestures are and how to use them. Now in this section, we will tell you about some of the uses of Gestures in Elden Ring.

  • Communicating with other players in Multiplayer.
  • Taunting or Teasing a Rival.
  • Celebrating a victory. (Jump for Joy, Bow, etc.)
  • Guiding other players in a direction. (Pointing Gestures)
  • Triggering a secret. (Explained later.)
  • As bait to lure an opponent
elden ring gestures

In a few cases, Gestures can trigger a secret adventure that can lead the player to find new locations, quests, items, or even new enemies.

Note: Remember when using a gesture to taunt an enemy you are vulnerable to their attacks at that moment so you have to be careful and maintain your distance.

Available Gestures

There are countless Gestures available in Elden Ring. You can get them throughout the game by visiting various locations, interacting with NPCs, and beating certain enemies. Some of them are given below:

Available Gestures
  • Point Upwards
  • Point Downwards
  • Point Downwards
  • Waving
  • Welcome
  • Strength
  • Jump For Joy
  • Nod in Thought
  • Rallying Rally
  • Bow
  • The Ring
  • Rest
  • Dejection
  • Sitting Sideways
  • Crossed Legs
  • As You Wish.
  • Inner Order
  • Triumphant Delight
  • Grovel For Mercy

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