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Elden Ring: Dung Eater Questline: Sewer-Gaol key and how to get Sword of Milos



Elden Ring: Dung Eater Questline: Sewer-Gaol key and how to get Sword of Milos

You will find Dung Eater at the Roundtable hold when you’ve reached the Lyendell, Royal Capital. You have to talk to him, he’ll tell you about his curse. So, you’ve to find and bring him a Seedbed curse.

How to complete Dung Eater Questline

You have to go to the East Rampart Tower in the Lyendell, Royal Capital. You will find the seedbed curse near the East Rampart Tower.

Where to find Seedbed Curse

You have to take the stairs to the rooftops and make your way to the rooftops. You need to head straight into the room and there is an open door, head inside and go down the stairs from the room. You will see a balcony in front of you jump down the balcony and go into the next building, when you enter there is a ladder going up to your right side. You need to take the ladder to get up and then there are stairs going up, get up the stairs and there is a statue sitting on a chair. You need to pick up the item from the statue. You’ll receive the Seedbed curse.

Now, you need to get back to Roundtable Hold and talk to the dung eater. You need to give him the Seedbed Curse, He will give you the Sewer-Gaol key. You have to use this key in Lyendell Sewers to unlock the Dung Eater’s cell and find his main body there.

Dung Eater in Sewers of Lyendell

You have to go to the Avenue Balcony in the Royal Capital. You need to head down from the Avenue balcony. There is an archer there you need to take a left and jump down from the Balcony. You will find a well there. You need to descend into the well in order to get to the Sewers.

Keep moving down and you’ll Subterranean Shunning-Ground. Open the door with a room full of rats and you’ll reach a big dungeon area. You need to get down the ladder and head straight until you find an open grill that is going to the sewers and you need to jump down.
Head straight into the sewer path and there are few enemies you can go past them without fighting and there is a ladder at the end. You need to climb up the ladder. You will find cells and you need to go to the right cell and you’ll find Dung Eater right in front of the cell leaning to a wall. You need to talk to him.

Now, get back to Dung Eater soul at Roundtable Hold and it will be not there but there will be a message for you to fight the Dung Eater at the Outer Moat.

How to get Sword of Milos

You need to go to the Outer wall Battlegrounds from the site of Grace there, you need to go east and a bit down south until your reach a small lake area. This is where you need to go to fight with the Dung Eater Invader. You have to defeat the Dung Eater Invader and you’ll receive the Sword of Milos.

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