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Elden Ring: Full Grown Fallingstar Beast



Elden Ring: Full Grown Fallingstar Beast

In Elden Ring, there are various bosses that you’ll encounter in the game. Other than the main bosses in the game there are side bosses in different regions of the world map. Every region has a minimum of 3,4 side bosses and they are almost all different from one another in every region. There are dragon bosses, beast bosses, assassin bosses, knight bosses, and so on. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat the Full Grown Fallingstar Beast Boss.

Location of Full Grown Fallingstar Beast

Full-Grown Fallinstar Beast can be found at the very top of the Mountain Gelmir so you have to sort of climb up the mountain. There are different ladders to climb up and you’ll reach the Ninth Mt. Gelmir site of grace. In front of the grace, there’ll be a winding shaft so you can reach the top of the mountain Gelmir by taking that. This boss will be right there when you are flying to get on top of Mountain Gelmir.

Location of Full Grown Fallingstar Beast

How to Defeat Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast

This boss has a wide range of attacks most of them having to do with its body. But when his health reaches about 50% he will start to employ gravity magic so you can say that is the 2nd phase of this boss where he changes his attacks.

Phase 1

In phase 1 the boss most likely does attacks with his body and some attacks that he does in the first phase are similar to gravity attacks but not that attack. As you land on the ground after taking the winding shaft the beast will rush towards you to hit you with his head like a bull. You just have to roll out the way and don’t aggress him because he can catch you off guard with the random attack.

When the boss jumps up and starts balling up in the air that is your cue to get closer to the boss and then roll into it as it’s flying back towards you. As he lands you can hit him with an attack with a heavy weapon. But be careful as you roll into him because the boss will also roll into you as he comes towards you if you are not far enough when he lands then you’ll take damage as well. The boss can swipe his head around, it can do that up to three times with the third one or final one it can throw rocks with it.

If you are close to him sometimes he will summon some gravity spikes through him so, if you are close to him then you cannot get out of that attack because the spikes that come out of the ground also have some range. To notice this attack you’ll see a purple glowing thing happening to him and also on the ground. Where ever is the purple glowing thing is that is where the spikes will come from so best avoid that.

The Tail attacks are difficult to avoid sometimes because it is a delayed attack and the tail appears to grow out of the boss whenever he’s about to use them. It gets very long and anticipating when that growth is about to get stop can be quite difficult. He’ll mostly do tail attacks after the rock throw attack and the jumping and rolling attack towards you. You can just avoid the tail attack just by rolling away.

Phase 2

So, when his health is near 50%, he’ll start to do some new attacks, and most of these attacks are gravity attacks. When you’ll notice that he starts clicking his pincers and glowing purple that means a gravity attack is about to come. You’ll see purple electricity at your feet and you have to roll away from that field because spikes will come through the ground on that electricity area, this will happen three times and each time with a bigger electricity field. After the third electricity field, he will create a big gravity field around you and you have to run away from that field because he will slam rocks and spikes in that field using gravity. You just have to avoid this attack because you don’t want to be in that gravity field and if you didn’t get out in the time it would deal great damage to you.

He will also shoot purple beams through his pincers in the 2nd phase. He will do that after a three-wave bull rush in this phase and when he is doing the bull-rushing attacks you want to keep close eyes on the boss and as soon as you see that his pincers are going purple you want to run into the boss’s right side, your left, and you can get a bunch of hits in.

He will mix all of his body attacks and the gravity attacks in the 2nd phase so you have to be careful about what you have to completely dodge and what you have to take advantage of. That would be all of his attacks and this fight will take some time because of his attacks where you can’t rush towards him. You have to play it safe in a way to defeat him.


Once you defeated him, you’ll get Somber Smithing Stone (6) and Smithing Stone (6). You’ll get a Fallingstar Beast Jaw which is a Colossal Weapon. You’ll also get 21,000 Runes for defeating him.

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