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Elden Ring: Crucible Knight Ordovis (Duo)



Elden Ring: Crucible Knight Ordovis (Duo)

Crucible Knight Ordovis is one of the hard bosses in Elden Ring. This is not the main story boss but an optional boss. You might have also seen the Knight Ordovis in one of the loading screens of Elden Ring with the big Shiny armor set. As this is an optional boss you don’t have to fight him but fighting Crucible Knight Ordovis will give you hard-earned rewards. If you want that Greatsword that the Ordovis has as seen in the Loading screen you should definitely fight this optional boss. Crucible Knight has a big sword and a big shield and the most annoying thing is that he’s not alone he is backed by his ally Crucible knight. So, you will have to fight the duo to defeat the Crucible Knight Ordovis.

In this guide, we will explain in detail where you can find Crucible Knight Ordovis and how to defeat him.

Auriza Hero’s Grave

The crucible knights can be found in a big mausoleum on the outskirts of Leyndell, Capital City called Auriza Hero’s Grave. In order to get there, you can go to the Outer wall Battleground. You will find stairs going up right beside the mountain, you need to get up those stairs and from there you need to head towards the right to the passage going down the mountain. You have to go straight and you will find the Auriza Hero’s Grave.

Auriza Hero’s Grave

You need to make your way down into the dungeon. You will have to be careful as there are moving traps and skeletons while you’re descending the dungeon. After you’ve made your way past the annoying moving trap, you will make your way through a small gate. Make your way down through the stairs there and you will get a teleport. You need to use the teleport and it will take you to the hall where you will face Crucible Knight Ordovis and his duo Crucible Knight.

How to defeat Crucible Knight Ordovis (Duo)

The best way to defeat the Crucible Knight Ordovis duo is you have to commit to his friend Crucible Knight first. That is also not an easy task as both of them will stick together in the whole fight. So, you’ve to be smart and watch out for both of their attacks, and then in counter-attack target Crucible Knight with the spear first.

Crucible Knight

Crucible Knight is with the spear and he has many attacks ranging from stab attacks to swing attacks. There are also pillars in the hall. So, you can also keep your distance and get behind the pillars in order to dodge some of their attacks but these pillars can be broken by them. You have to watch out for both Crucible Knight’s attacks as they mostly tend to attack one after the other. After both of them have done their attacks then you tend to hit them.

We want to kill Crucible Knight with the spear first which is our first target in order to win this Duo fight. The first attacks are the stab attacks you need to roll to the sides in order to dodge them and he will also do a follow-up side swing attack for which you have to roll to the sides again. Ordovis will also do his sword stab attack and you need to roll and dodge that attack as well. Then you need to counter-attack Crucible Knight with a spear. This way you can deal a good amount of damage to the Crucible knight by waiting for their attacks first. You can also use summons for spirit Ashes to help you distract them and give you time to do counter-attacks on the Crucible Knights. The next Crucible Knight attack is the one with the spear will do an Angelic attack where he will spin his spear summoning some kind of light which is a long arrange attack and will deal you a lot of damage if you’ve hit by that. Also, it can be followed by Ordovis’s Angelic attack where he slams his sword into the ground to make an earthquake in the radius.

After the Crucible Knights’ HP reaches almost Half, he will start using new Angelic Summons which also deal more damage. He will do the regular swing and stab attacks with spears. Also, he will do two Angelic summon attacks. The first attack is where he will get wings and fly like an Angel and will dash towards you for the attack, You will have to roll to the sides in order to dodge this attack and then counter-attack him. The Second is a very dangerous one where he will summon a dagger from his sand and will try to stab you. This one is dangerous as it will grab you and will do a lot of damage taking down almost your full HP. Crucible Knight will be doing these attacks very often in the second phase. You will have to keep your distance, watch out for Ordovis and counter-attack him to kill him. The best tactic is to be patient in this fight, don’t try to go for too many attacks. Try to do a normal sword attack or if you have staff do magic spell attacks. You can go once in a while for a heavy sword attack but don’t go for too many attacks at once because that will get you killed in no time. Using this tactic, you can easily defeat Crucible Knight with a spear.

Crucible Knight Ordovis

Once, you’ve killed the Crucible Knight with a spear. Now you’re free in a 1v1 situation with Ordovis and killing Ordovis in a 1v1 situation is comparatively easy. You can use Godrick’s greatrune to get yourself a boost in your HP and other stats which will give you a benefit over Ordovis to help you beat him. Ordovis has firstly short-range Stab and Swing sword attacks. He will also do a shield push attack you can roll to dodge this to get behind Ordovis and attack him from behind. This will also deal him a great amount of damage. These are mostly his phase-1 attacks. You can keep on repeating roll and attacking him from behind to get him enough damage to get his HP to almost half.

After, you’ve gotten Ordovis to almost half HP, he will shift to new attacks mixed with some normal sword swing attacks. He will use two Angelic attacks one with his sword where he will slam his sword and it will do an earthquake in a radius. You can dodge this to roll out of the glowing radius. In the second Angelic attack he will fly and dash towards you with his sword coming towards you, you need to roll to the sides in order to dodge this attack.

Ordovis also has two different types of tail attacks. One is the Single swing tail attack where he will swing his tail once from left to right. You need to roll backward or forward to dodge this tail attack. The second tail attack is you have to be careful about where he will swing his tails two times starting from right to left and then backward. You have to follow the same counter-attack tactic and wait for his angelic attack and get behind him by doing your sword or staff attacks. You don’t want to do too many attacks and be patient while you’re attacking Ordovis. This way using Gordrick’s great rune and using the smart counter-attack, you can easily defeat Ordovis.


You will receive Ordovis’s Greatsword and Crucible Armor set after you’ve defeated the Crucible Knight Ordovis Duo. Now, you’ve got yourself the famous and complete Crucible Armor set from the Elden Ring’s loading screen with the Greatsword that Ordovis was using in the fight.

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