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Elden Ring: Getting the Meteorite Staff Early game



Elden Ring: Areas to Play in Correct Order

You have to start the game with the Astrologer class and you chose Golden Seed as your starting item. This is your game’s starting class. You need Golden Seed as your Starting item so you can, later on, upgrade your Flask to have greater HP.

The next part is to get the best staff for the start of your game so you can be better in your fights and to help you in leveling up by defeating the bosses. The Staff is called the Meteorite Staff.

The best thing about this guide for getting the Meteorite Staff is that you do not have to kill anything Big and hard in order to get the Meteorite Staff.

Location for Meteorite Staff

You have to go Third Church of Marika in Limgrave which is a very early game place. You just have to go to the Third Church of Marika from there you need to go to a marked location near the Marika Church on the map.

Location for Meteorite Staff

When you get right out the church gate you will see the marker you need to go to the marker and there is a Wind boost that when you go inside will boost you up.

Location for Meteorite Staff

You need to use the Wind boost and keep going above the mountains. You would have to use the wind boost three times that are there and you will eventually reach the mountain top.

From there you need to go a bit to the north and then keep going east and keep going down south till you make your way to the Smoldering Wall. There is a location of grace there that you can use to rest.

Smoldering Wall

Once, you’ve reached the Smoldering Wall you need to keep going down the road straight a bit until you see another location of grace to your left. You need to go and use this location of grace as well.


You need to then go straight east from this Location of grace and you will find another grace point. Also, if you need the map for this area. You need to find the map fragment. The location of map fragment is shown in the map below with a small pilgrim on the map.

astray location

You can mark and go to this pilgrim location on the map and you’ll find a Pilgrim you need to search this Pilgrim and you’ll need to pick up the item and you’ll receive the map fragment for Caelid. This will unlock the map for area Caelid for you on the main map.

Traveler’s Armor set

You can go west from the last point of grace you found through the Swamp of Aeonia. You need to go to the marked location on torrent your Spectral steed otherwise you’ll get poisoned from the Swamp.

Traveler’s Armor set

You will reach the Street of Sages Ruins in the right corner you will find a chest there. You just need to open the chest and you’ll receive the full Traveler’s Armor set.

Meteorite Staff

You need to go straight west from the Ruins where you found the Armor Set. You will reach another Ruin you need to go inside the small Shack ruin and you will need to kill 2 or 3 enemies there and you need to go and pick up the items from a dead body there. You will receive the Meteorite Staff from the Dead Body.

Meteorite Staff

Rock Sling Spell

You need to go to the north from where you got the Meteorite Staff and there is an abandoned Ruin Church You need to go to a tunnel that is going to a room below the church you need to open the room door.

Rock Sling Spell

you’ll find a chest in there. You need to open the chest and you’ll receive the item Rock Sling Spell. The Rock Sling Spell is used to throw Rocks from your Staff and is very useful in fights with bosses and enemies.

Now, you’re extremely overpowered with you’re Astrologer Build with all the items from the Armor set, Rock sling spell, and the Meteorite Staff.

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