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Elden Ring: How long does it take to finish the game



Elden Ring: How long does it take to finish the game

Elden Ring is out in many countries and it’s going to be released in a few hours in the US. People around the world have started exploring the world of Elden Ring but one question that is arising in their minds is How long does it take to finish the game?

So in this article, I’ll be telling you whats the duration of Elden ring game.

The thing, as you can already imagine, the hours that it lasts will depend enormously on your way of facing the game. Elden Ring is a game that invites you to get lost, explore and look for the different bosses and objects scattered throughout the map. With all this in mind, how long will the title last you?

Elden ring Game Duration

Before we start talking about its duration, I want to tell you about one of my friends who played the game for 77 hours. Yes, it took him 77 hours to finish Elden ring game. After finishing the game he came to know that Interearth is huge and is divided into several vast regions that differ both visually and in the set of opponents. The usual, in general, is the case for an action RPG. But what is unusual here is that each region is not just an area with points of interest placed on it, but a clearly structured location created according to the principles of the level design of past FromSoftware games.

He further explains the game that Caves, forts, and ruins with dangerous opponents are found here almost at every turn (with the exception of the northern part, which turned out to be a little more modest than the rest). Most optional locations barely differ in decoration: almost all catacombs are gray corridors; almost all the mines are brown interspersed with multi-colored crystals.

Is there any way to finsh Elden Ring quickly?

To begin with, just going for the main mission ignoring the rest of the content (and leaving us with a good handful of bosses along the way) the game lasts around 50 hours. It is one of the longest durations in a game of the souls’ saga, although the thing has something of a trick.

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