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Elden Ring: How to farm/buy thin Beast bones



Elden Ring: How to farm/buy thin Beast bones

In Elden Ring, there are various crafting materials that can be found from different places. These materials are used to make different items in the game. In this guide, we tell you how to farm thin beast bones that are usually used to make disposable weapons.

Thin Beast Bones

Thin Beast bones are the crafting material used to make different disposable weapons such as Bone Knife, Bone Arrow, and other types of arrows as well, and firebone bolts and other types of bolts as well. Thin Beast Bones are dropped by Dog, Deer, Sheep, Rabbitgaroo, and Wolf.

Elden Ring: How to farm/buy Thin Beast Bones

Farm Thin Beast Bones

To Farm Thin Beast Bones there are a couple of places that you can go and you can find herds of sheep, just kill them with a swing of your weapon and you get 1x Thin Beast Bones.

The first location is near the Stormhill Shack, just go down the road where you came up to stormhill shack, go a bit right down the road and you come across herds of sheep that you can kill in a single swing and can get Thin Beast Bones.

Farm Thin Beast Bones

After getting bones you can go back to the site and the sheep will respawn. You’ll easily get 500-700 Thin Beast Bones per hour.

The second location is the Craftsman’s Shack site of grace on Mount Gelmir.

Elden Ring: How to farm/buy Thin Beast Bones

There is a herd of sheep right next to the site of grace and you can kill them all collect the thin beast bones and rest at the site and the herd of sheep will respawn again.

Buy Thin Beast Bones

These are the easiest way to farm the Thin Beast bones but if you have enough Runes, you can buy unlimited Thin Beast Bones from the Two Maiden Husks at the roundtable area after offering the Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing.

You can find him at the Warmaster’s Shack in Stormhill. You can only encounter him at the night time so just go there at the night time and as you step into the shack he will appear. Just defeat him and you get his bell bearing and then you can buy the bones.

Each Thin Beast Bones will cost 150 runes and the Hefty Beast Bones will cost 250 each and you can buy unlimited so you never run out of the thin beast Bones again.

Elden Ring: How to farm/buy thin Beast bones

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