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Elden Ring: How to get Cinquedea Dagger and Dragoncrest Shield Talisman (Ver 1.03)



Elden Ring: How to get Cinquedea Dagger and Dragoncrest Shield Talisman (Ver 1.03)

This guide is in accordance with the newest Update, wherein in the previous update, there was a bug where while dropping down platforms your player won’t die. This has been patched in the new update of Elden Ring (Ver 1.03).

The hidden dagger of Cinquedea is a powerful weapon with its passive powers and is very secret and hard to find. The dagger boosts your Beast Incantations. Cinquedea dagger used to be a powerful weapon tool before it got lost. It was used to celebrate the beast Clergyman of Farum Azula.

Bestial Sanctum

You have to go to the Bestial Sanctum near the Greyoll’s Dragonbow which is in the Caelid area at the given location on the map. You need to open the big door and head inside the Bestial Sanctum. You will meet the big beast Clergyman in the Sanctum Gurranq, you can talk to him. There is also a site of Grace to your right from the main entrance you can discover it for later use and fast travel.

Bestial Sanctum

The Cinquedea Dagger is at the back of the Bestial Sanctum, this is the exact location for it on the map.

Bestial Sanctum

Dropping Down to the Platforms

Now, you need to head out from the main entrance you have to go to the back of the Sanctum. So, you have to go over the building. You need to head left and make your way besides the Sanctum. You need to get to the edge of the cliff till you see tree roots below you. You have to jump below on the tree roots and go over them.

Next, you have to jump to a tomb’s roof next to the tree roots and then from there jump to the pillar. You have to drop down the pillar till now that was the easy part. Before the patch, you could’ve jumped to the wall and then directly jump below while you’re on a torrent using his double jump.

In this patch, they’ve patched the direct double jump on torrent. Now you have to jump back to the other ledge and get to the left corner and double jump below where there is a big rock, you need to jump on the big rock. Now, you’ve reached the first platform. You have to get one platform more down in order to get to the Cinquedea dagger. For the first jump down, you went to the left corner to jump down on the Rock. For the next jump down, you need to go to the right corner of the platform to jump down.

You have to beware of the Bat Demon on the platforms as they will attack you in midair will eventually cause you to fall and you’ll die. So, you have to kill the Bat Demon. Now, you need to get into the right corner there is a small ledge area making the first jump there and the next double jump on the torrent onto the big rock. Now, you’re on the platform to the Cinquedea Dagger and the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman.

You have to keep on going forward on the platform till you reach a dead body, you have to pick up the item from the dead body and you’ll receive the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman. The Dragoncrest Shield Talisman will boost your Physical damage negation bonus.

Elden Ring: How to get Cinquedea Dagger and Dragoncrest Shield Talisman (Ver 1.03)

Keep on moving forward till you reach a small balcony with four statues at each corner, one of the statue’s head is broken. You’ve to pick up the item from near the broken statue. You’ll receive the Cinquedea Dagger.

Here are the Stats of the Cinquedea Dagger, it has a Physical damage of 98+ 14.

Elden Ring: How to get Cinquedea Dagger and Dragoncrest Shield Talisman (Ver 1.03)

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