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Elden Ring: How to get Moonlight GreatSword



Elden Ring: How to get Moonlight GreatSword

Moonlight GreatSword as you know also has been in Dark Souls game. Moonlight is the legendary Sword of the game. The history of the Moonlight Greatsword as it’s passed on from the Great Queen of Carian to her spouse to honor the tradition.

Moonlight Greatsword boosts the magic attack powers and has the ability to beam light with frost. For acquiring the sword you need to complete Ronnies quest.

Ronnie’s Quest

When you have acquired the Spectral Steed torrent from Melina. You will go to the Church of Elleh. You will meet Ronnie there and She will give you the Summoning bell that you can use to summon allies in your playthrough of the game.

you have to keep moving up through the north all your way to Main Caria Manor. You have to fight your way through the Caria Manor and you’ll get access to three towers there. These are called Ranni’s Rise, Renna’s Rise, and Seluvi’s rise.

Ronnie’s Quest

You have to go the Ranni’s Rise, You have to make your to the top of the tower and talk to her about joining her quests and helping her in completing her cause.

Blaith’s Quest

Blaise wants you to locate the ancient city of Nakron to find the weapon, in particular, that was used to kill Godwin. He was one of the demigods after which the events let down to the shattering of the Elden Ring. Blaise wants this weapon that has the ability to kill a god.

You have to then go to the Siafora River to meet the Blaise. You have to talk to her and then he’ll tell you to go Seluvis.

Beating Radahn

Seluvis will give you an introductory letter that will tell you that you need to meet a Sorceress. You will find the Sorceress at the Waypoint Ruin cellar. You have to talk to her and she’ll tell you that you have to first defeat the boss Radahn. After you’ve beaten Radahn, a cutscene will be played where you’ll see a star falling after that cutscene you can go the Fort Haight West.

Beating Radahn

You can now see there is a big hole in the ground where the star has fallen. You have to descend down the hole and finally, you will eventually make it to the Nakron, The Lost City.

You have to fight your way from Nakron to make your way next to the Night’s sacred ground. You will find Ronnie’s item here in Night’s Sacred ground. You will that blade which Ronnie requires in a chest. After, You’ve obtained the blade you have to go back to Ronnie’s Rise. You have to give the blade back to Ronnie. The part of Ronnie’s Quest will be completed.

nakron elden ring

Renna’s Rise

You have to go up the top of the tower to Renna’s rise. You will find a teleport at the top of the tower. You have to take the teleport and You’ll go to the Ainsel River Main. Ronnie has told you that there is an assassin there between the Noxtella Waterfall and the Lake of Rot Shoreside. You have to defeat the assassin. Once, you have defeated him you’ve to go talk to Ronnie and she’ll thank you for defeating the assassin.

nokstella elden ring

You have to make your way through the Lake of Rot, You’ll have to descend and you’ll reach a boss area. You’ll have to defeat Astell natural born of the void. You’ll have to keep moving and you’ll find an elevator going up. You have to make your way up to the elevator and you’ll get to an Altar place.

Moonlight Altar

Now you have reached up to the Moonlight Altar by taking the elevator from before. You now need to head to the Cathedral of Manus Celles. There is a hole going down in the Cathedral you need to head down there. You now need to run along to the bottom of the hole. In the end, you’ll reach an area where are Three Fingers between them you’ll find a doll of Ronnie sitting you’ll have to talk to her, and then she’ll vanish and you’ll find the Moonlight Greatsword sitting between the Three Fingers. You can accept the legendary item there, the Moonlight Greatsword, and you’re done with Ronnie’s quest and have now unlocked the Moonlight Greatsword.

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