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Elden Ring: How to get Mottled Necklace



Elden Ring: How to get Mottled Necklace

To find the Mottled Necklace you have to go to the Eternal City which is in the underground region. It will be on a corpse that is lying on one of the pillars of the bridge leading to Nokron City.

You’ll be able to go to Nokron city Once you’ve defeated general Radahn at Redmane Castle.

You can enter the Nokron City Northwest of Fort Haight. Go to the edge and you’ll find a rocky path go down from there and you’ll see flying rocks. There’ll be rocks under you can jump on them and there’ll be a passage in front.

Go through there and jump down two more times and there’ll be a doorway and when you cross it you’ll enter Nokron, Eternal City.

Where to find Mottled Necklace in Elden Ring

Now the closest grace to the Mottled Necklace location is Ancestral Woods site of grace. The necklace is northeast from that grace. All you have to do is go in the direction and ignore the creatures, you will see different pillars in front of you.

How to get Mottled Necklace in Elden Ring

To get to the top of the pillar on which the corpse is lying, there is a rocky path on the side of the pillar just go up from there and jump on the pillar and collect the necklace from the corpse.

Mottled Necklace

The Mottled necklace is a Talisman that boosts the player’s Immunity, Robustness, and Focus.

To Equip this talisman: Go to Equipment and in 4th row, you can select the talismans that you have in your inventory. Select Mottled Necklace to get the benefits of it.

Mottled Necklace

The Necklace sell value is 1000 runes and its +1 Version sell value is 2000 runes.

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