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Lost Ark: Everything about Gems



Lost Ark: Everything about Gems

Gems is a customization system that unlocks after you pass through yorn’s Continent Chaos Dungeon. You have to be gear level 600 and you get to go to yorn and you complete yorn and you’ll move upto 802 level gear.

So once you completed the yorn you’ll see the red gem that’ll open up on your map. This is the gem expert in the great castle.

Lost Ark: Everything about Gems

You can start finding the gems after you complete Yorn in Chaos Dungeon. They don’t drop any higher than a level one though they might come in different shapes and sizes. But they’re all level one and you have to work your way up through the levels.

Gems in Inventory

So when you open your inventory at the bottom you will find the gems that you have collected. So there are two types of gems in the game. There are ones that increase the damage of abilities and the other one reduces the cooldown of abilities. They are both different in shape. Triangular in shape (increasing the damage), Circular in shape (Reducing the cooldown).

Gems in Inventory

Fuse Gems

So once your gem expert is open, you’ll find a fuse gems button in your inventory. The fuse gems will fuse 3 of your gems of the same level into a higher-level gem. You can manually select your three gems and turn them into a higher-level gem. The higher-level gem you’ll get might be a cooldown gem or might be a damaged gem but it’ll be a random level 2 gem. There’s an alternative way also you just have to click on the level and it’ll auto-select the 3 gems of the previous level and click on the fuse and it’ll give you the level of gem you chose.

This method can also give you two gems of that level. As the gems get higher in level, the benefit they provide is greater whether that’s damage or cooldown reduction.

Refaceting Gems

If there is a gem that you have and it isn’t of any use for you then you can change it at the gem expert. Clicking on gem expert and you will see all of the gems that you have access to and even those that you have slotted into your character.

If you want to change the gem and the gem is a cooldown gem it will not become the damaged gem, and if you want to change the damaged gem it will not become the cooldown gem.

The gem that you want to change will cost an amount of silver and it will change the skill of the gem into another skill by clicking on the reforge button. You will see on the right side all of the different outcomes that could come out of redoing this particular gem.

How to Equip Gems

Press P to open your character profile and click on the gem tab. You’ll have different presets that you can bind. There are 11 slots in a preset and you can select your gems from your inventory or you can right-click on the gems to equip into the preset. You can have duplicates of gems in the preset as one gem of damage another gem of cooldown. You cannot stack up a damaged gem for the exact same skill, You can only have one gem per bonus.

You can swap your higher-level gems from the inventory into the preset just by right-clicking on them. It’ll swap places with the lower-level gems.

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