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Elden Ring: Raptor’s Black Feather Armor



In Elden Ring, one of the most useful attacks is the jumping attack which deals a good amount of damage to the enemies. There are different armaments in the game that increases the stats of attack power, defense, magic, fire, etc. But the jump attack enhancement is rare and there is an item in the game that will give you enhancement in the jump attacks. If you like to jump attack on the enemies then this item is for you.

In this guide, we tell you about how to get Raptor’s Black Feather and its stats.

How to Get Raptor’s Black Feather Armor

This armor can be found in the Sage’s Cave in the Altus Plateau region. You can get to Sage’s Cave easily from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace.

How to Get Raptor’s Black Feather Armor

To get to the cave, go a bit straight and down to the left and keep going down the path, you’ll reach a Coffin area then turn right and keep going along the lake, and in front, you’ll see a path going in the trees and as you go there, you’ll notice that this is a path to a cave. That’ll be the Sage’s Cave.

How to Get Raptor’s Black Feather Armor

Go inside the cave and rest at the site of the grace. Now there are a lot of illusionary walls inside this cave so you might want to hit the walls that are looking weird. But we will guide you through the cave to the armor that you’ve come here for.

From the site, go straight and follow the path of the cave and you’ll see a wall in front, just hit and it will vanish, now take a right and there’ll be a skeleton enemy, kill it and then take a right again but this time there’ll be an illusionary wall again, so hit it and it will vanish, go inside and there’ll be two chests in front. Grab the loot from both of the chests. You can loot more chests in that same area as well, just go down and on the left side there’ll be an illusionary wall but be careful because there’ll be three skeleton enemies there, kill them, and inside there’ll be 4 chests for you to loot.

After looting, come outside and keep following the path of the cave and you’ll reach a burning campfire area and there’ll be more skeleton enemies there. Kill them and keep following the cave path and you’ll get more chests to loot.

After looting the chest you’ll reach a waterfall area, now look to the left and you have to jump over a little distance to get to the other rocky side. Do the jump and to the left, you’ll encounter a boss after beating the boss you need to go inside where you encountered the boss. There’ll be an illusionary wall again and when you hit it, you’ll see two chests in front. Open the first chest and you’ll get the Raptor’s Black Feather armor. When you open the second chest, you’ll get the Skeletal Mask.

Stats of the Raptor’s Black Feather Armor

This armor has some great resistances and it will also give you the 10% damage increase in the jump attack.

Stats of the Raptor’s Black Feather Armor

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